Physics, Darwin, and England

From Classical Creation Physicists Still Make News

Lord Kelvin

William Thomson, a.k.a. Lord Kelvin, the eminent physicist of Glasgow who dominated physical science in Victorian Britain, was a strong Christian. He gave Darwin a hard time — not with quotes from the Bible, but rather from laws of physics. Much of Lord Kelvin’s work on thermodynamics, communications and energy theory survives (e.g., the Kelvin Scale). Although some of his theories were discarded or revised, one of his speculative ideas about atoms has been ‘resurrected’ by cutting-edge physicists at the University of Durham in the UK.


James Clerk Maxwell

Without controversy, Maxwell’s Equations continue to bear fruit in many fields of electromagnetics and electrical engineering. James Clerk Maxwell was another strong Bible-believing Christian all of his life, even through the Darwinian revolution. One of his insights about statistical thermodynamics has generated controversy to the present day. Called ‘Maxwell’s Demon’ (not his term), this idea proposes a way to overcome the law of entropy. Some entity, whether a conscious being (the ‘demon’) or some automaton, could selectively separate hot and cold molecules into separate compartments, he reasoned, thus overcoming the second law of thermodynamics. Proof that this was not idle speculation rendered obsolete by quantum mechanics can be seen by a recent paper in PNAS titled, “Observing a quantum Maxwell demon at work.” So important is the concept, the researchers state, “Maxwell’s demon plays a central role in thermodynamics of quantum information, yet a full experimental characterization is still missing in the quantum regime.


Sir Isaac Newton

The most famous scientist in history, Sir Isaac Newton, whose Principia launched the scientific revolution, is not a has-been after Einstein. In fact, his name keeps coming up in discussions of one of the biggest controversies of cosmology: Does dark matter exist? Now that repeated tests have failed to identify any substance, theoretical or actual, that could account for the motions of spiral galaxies and galaxy clusters, some physicists are looking to “Modified Newtonian Dynamics” (MOND) for help. One such example giving serious consideration to MOND can be found at Live Science, which mentions Newton eight times in a piece, “Is Dark Matter Real?”. The details of these debates need not concern us here; suffice it to say that there are discussions of ‘modifying’ Newtonian dynamics, not rejecting them, as some teachers seem prone to do with Newton’s theories in the age of Einstein. Students of science may not know that Isaac Newton wrote more about the Bible than he did about science.

It’s worth remembering often that not all scientists are atheists, Darwinists, and materialists. In fact, many of the greatest scientists of all time, including founders of major fields of science, were at least theists if not Bible believers and creationists (see our list of biographies). Many still are today. The Darwinians are like the Marxist-Stalinist-Leninists who took over Russia, kicked out (or killed or imprisoned) everyone who opposed them, and presented themselves as the “saviors” of Russia. Don’t fall for the big lie. The insights of Newton, Kelvin and Maxwell sprang from minds devoted to God and His word, and one mark of a great scientific mind is the ability to produce ideas with staying power. But doesn’t Darwinism have staying power? Yes—by force (6/08/17). If Darwinism had to stand up to free debate, it would collapse like Lysenko’s fake science supported by Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

Read our biographies and decide who had the best ideas with lasting impact. Much of cutting edge-science continues to build on their foundations. Conversely, much of the worst science comes from materialists (6/05/17, 5/19/17). You can’t get much good science out of evolved monkey brains mutating by chance (7/11/17).

The blogger is too kind: the reason why Darwin was victorious was that the solid majority of clerics backed it (in Britain, and then in the Western World) even as most of the scientists of the era challenged it. Couple the church’s support with the pleasing narcissism of the Master Race and the free hand atheism gives to the power-worshipers (generally intellectuals), and you get the moral disaster of today, promptly followed by the death of (Western) Europe.

Take these Christians in England, for example, who feel so marginalized in their own country.

Perhaps they don’t care to notice, but in God’s universe, you reap what you sow. From having the Queen as the head of their church (instead of Christ), to their continuous justification of whatever the people in power want – or a selective silence – they have bent over backwards to support the Power Elite… and not Christ.

(The proper example probably is the secession over the divorce of Henry VIII… or perhaps the implicit atheism of William of Occam… but my fave is having Darwin – a member of a God-despising clerical family, by the way – being buried in Church land. “Who cares about sacrilege? Social positioning is far more important!”)

The Darwinians well understood their marks.

And there the English Christians stand, aliens in their own country (…which they gave away long ago, in return for welfare benefits and Elite approval…), stunned at being betrayed.

I believe that they are merely being paid back for how contemptuously they choose to treat God and His Law. After all, someone is voting Conservative... and, from land/money/life-stealing empires to legalized abortions to the suicidal pleasures of sodomy, we certainly know the history of Conservative politics, now don’t we.

Or, put in another way,

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. — Matthew 5:13

Tell me when they repent, and I will tell you when they can get their country back again – or, more likely, some shrunken and pathetic remnant of it.

I won’t be holding my breath for even a shred of repentance, by the way. More bleating and whining and bawling is what’s on the menu.

Far wiser for Christian missionaries to wait until the bankruptcy of the local nation-state, and then move in – focusing on Arabs, Indians, and other people who have children, and so, will naturally inherit the land.


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