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Carrying the Fight Forward, Against Censorship

P.S.: If you like to fight rather than whine, you need to pick the arena where you want to fight, and the tools you will fight with.

Two recent post by Gary North help with this.

On Discovering Historical Truth describes the kind of prices you will have to pay to master your art in a given field. North focuses on history here, but the story is much the same no matter where you make your stand. No matter what: know your audience, know your goals, master your subject. Pay the price for victory.

In Four Ways Amazon is Ruining Publishers, North discusses one of many tools that believers can put to work today, tools that were specifically denied to them by the lying gatekeepers in more primitive times. The Kindle book gives a great way to make an end-run around the dying book publishers (almost universally, run and staffed by hard-core liberals), and connect to your audience.

As you should know, the Establishment is working to strip Christian fighters of their online income.

From the mildly anti-liberal Christian Post: YouTube Just Demonetized Hundreds of Our Videos

(Thanks, LewRockwell for the info!)

From the middle-of-the-road D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM), Christian Group Sues SPLC And Amazon After Being Labeled A “Hate Group”

Even from Gary North: Could the Left Use This Tactic to Shut Me Down?

Fortunately, there is A Practical Solution to YouTube’s Censorship Threat

(But for the record, it’s good to know where this corporate censorship pressure is coming from.)


Waiting Between Worlds

Most Christians don’t worry about the hostility of the state and the intelligentsia to their culture and their faith. It is Christian men who lead… and they merely pass all religious stuff to their wives to handle, while they focus on getting the money.

The women are more than happy to hand their children to the State: “The teachers are trained to do this,” and anyways, the children out of their hair. Who cares if the kids are taught to despise each and every one of God’s commands? What’s important is that they feel better TODAY, and they have more money to spend TODAY.

The preachers have no interest in actually equipping the saints, to push back Satan and expand the Kingdom of God. It’s much safer to dwell on ceremony and irrelevant theological niceties, while ignoring the call to sacrifice, passing by the Cross they must carry to actually be obedient to God, to actually win the battle of the day.

History has proven that there is no evil that Western Christians – the wealthiest and most materially blessed generation of believers in history — won’t tolerate, so long as their immediate comfort is protected. Most believers simply don’t care about their total irrelevance in the real world, so long as some distant Rapture is coming to save them – and since this Rapture is coming, there is no need to work and sacrifice for victory today.

For the few that will not tolerate this state of affairs – defined here as “Christians who homeschool their children, or if necessary send them to private schools” – theirs is the day of small beginnings. Since, demographically and financially, this current order is damned and will be smashed…

(And yet, no Rapture, just more and more pain and disgrace and defeat… just expanded to include those outside of the Body of Christ. Yes, even up to the power elite.

I would not have believed that last sentence myself, except that God has done it Himself, over and over again. In the Bible, and in history.)

…there is a need to raise children and equip them to reconstruct society, from the lowest levels to the highest levels.

Few of us, millions of them: but the future rides with us and our children, not with them and their abortuaries.

The future is with those who live in reality, not in fantasy.

But between today’s pain and endurance, and tomorrow’s victory – for the believer;
But between today’s comfort and pleasures, and tomorrow’s devastation – for the enemy of Christ;

…there is a waiting, a waiting between worlds.

And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,
And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.
For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name.
And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation.
He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.
He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.
He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away.
He hath helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy;
As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his seed for ever. — Luke 1:46-55

Later, when today’s phase of the conflict is over, the dying Secularist atheist culture will realize that they had placed far too much faith in the State, in rules and media control and information control and endlessly repeated lies, broadcasted on all channels.

We who placed our faith in God will have far too much work to do, too many responsibilities to uphold, to worry about past regrets: so long as we have repented of our sins, God will forgive us, and we can focus on the future, and not be tied to the past.

The old world is dying, and a new world is aborning.

Glory to Christ the King, and exalted be His Name above all names, forever!

Not an Inch for Leftists

Another post from Joseph Foreman

Leftists prey on men and women of good will.

How often do you hear commentators, friends, yourself, start off a sentence about a social issue raised by the left with a preliminary agreement that the problem does in some sense exist?

Don’t. Stop it. Never agree even if there is a prima facia truth in their statement. To the left all things are lies.

Take Racism: How often do you hear folks started with the open-minded disclaimer,

“I don’t dispute that racism exists.” or some such.

Yes if a leftist says racism exists I DO dispute it.

Whatever he means by “racism” is not racism in any sense — any remote sense — that you or any normal person in a persecuted community thinks of the meaning of the word “racism.”

For the left, when they say “racism” what they mean is, “People I can get to support the complete subjugation of all people under my jack boot, including them.”

If you are black, white supremacist, Hispanic, oriental, straight, gay, LGBT, or straight white male, they will only appeal to your group and its issues, guilts, and sense of being wronged to give credibility to their bid for absolute power over you, and those you perceive to be your enemies.

The left never in any way or in anything agrees with anything any group actually thinks about itself or its oppressors, or the world in general.

Therefore I would never start my discussion with the left with conceding any point they make.

There is no point of agreement.

They are a lie.

The man knows his enemy.

Now, because the Leftists don’t believe in having children themselves — just in taking Christian children, and turning them into left-leaning perverts via the public school system (especially high school) and the better universities — they are not the long-term annoyance that Muslims are. When the welfare-warfare state dies, they dry up and blow away.

But, unlike the Muslims, Leftists are parasites on Christian civilization and Christian families. When there are no substantial Christian population to culturally rape anymore, they graciously hand over the centres of power to Muslims, as we can see in Western Europe today.

But Leftism would not nearly have the power they have today, if Christians didn’t hand it to them, dazzled by having other people pay for their children’s education, having other people pay for their health care, having other people protect and cushion them and shelter them from reality… and, in the fullness of time, have a nice set of justifications and rationalizations for their adultery and sodomy, as well as their theft –

“It isn’t theft if the majority votes for it!”

“Sodomy is perfectly healthy, same-sex marriage isn’t a delusion, and my sex is whatever I say it is – regardless of sanity, reason, or reality — if the courts and the politicans agree with my fantasy!”

God will not tolerate thieves within His congregation, not long-term. Nor do unrepentant adulterers or homosexuals have any place in heaven.

Muslims rely on violence mainly, with lies as a backup. Modern Leftists, weakened by the loss of the Soviet Union, rely on lies mainly, with violence as a backup.

Both flavours of demonism are on their way out. But a little push is always appreciated.

(And a big push applauded!)

Post-Millennialism, Theonomy, and the Work of the Holy Spirit

This is four posts from Joseph Foreman, added up into one

Post One:

Ask anyone, “What is it that puts you off about Theonomy?”

99% of all objections to Christian Reconstruction and Theonomy say it is because they want to reinstitute Mosaic law, the three they normally bring up are that CR&T’s want to execute people of another religion; children who are rebellious; and homosexuals, some throw in adultery.

Then some will add, “and besides they believe that Christians will, by taking over government, use Mosaic Law to kill all who oppose their theology and ethics and usher in the Age of Christ’s rule.”

Now, I am not a card carrying reconstructionist or Theonomist. You all have been gracious to put up with my posts here. Of those posting here I truly know less and have certainly read less than probably 95% of you. So, forgive me for speaking for you but as an outsider to the movement, I have never heard any of you common CR&T folks or even the SBW CR&T’s address these issues by simply saying:

Theonomy and Post Millennialism is the Theology of the Holy Spirit. If God can’t do it, then His Law will also fail us, and Christ and His Holy Spirit will also fail and so to will His people fail.

This is what these articles are about!

Seize government power and stone people to bring in the Great and Holy Day of the Lord the Rule of Jesus Christ? Me genoito. You CR&T don’t believe that! You are able to believe God’s law is Holy Just and Good and to be applied God’s way precisely because you do NOT want to stone anyone, especially these people whom the theologically hopeless have listed.

God’s Law was never intended as a tool to forcibly beat, kill and intimidate the world into submission. That is the Work of the Holy Spirit. The Letter Kills but the Spirit – breathing through the Word and Law into hearts He transforms – brings life.

CR&T believes God’s Law applies because Postmillennial Theonomy unlike any other theological position is the Theology of the Holy Spirit come into its own. Doing God’s thing God’s way will keep these very people you think we want to stone from a terrible death and Hell after that. Do not doubt the Good News – God transforms sinners.

All other positions in respect to the Holy or Christian Life, Evangelical Witness, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, any hard science, Christian Ethics and Philosophy and Theology are without hope because according to them, in the end God cannot transform the earth, He cannot transform the people who are described by the disciplines they represent above, He cannot transform mankind much less political and ecclesiastical governments. God can only destroy it and the bulk of humanity alive at the time of His destruction by coming secretly at a moment you don’t suspect. And wait for it . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . BAM!!

They assume Divine failure.

They assume Divine weakness.

They assume wrong.

No I am not putting down other theological positions – I have held most of them at one time or the other. I can tell you there is no doubt for all of them on this point: God most certainly will not transform the heart of man in History and therefore his only option is to come destroy everyone and snatch out his remnant. If that is a put down, then it is out of their own mouth.

For this reason they accuse those who believe in God of wanting to insert God’s law into a civil government similar to the ones we have now. Because of course the Holy Spirit cannot transform his people sufficiently to transform the entire project of government.

With their hopeless assumptions, the result would be predictable: A select few saints, seize control and use the law to hire executioners to kill the sinners they can’t convert, imprison and reeducate the rest. That is, to do what the Holy Spirit according to their impotent theology can never do.

Same old, same old.

Does this political model sound familiar? It is our experience of socialism straight up. But it is also constitutional government in a kinder more popular way. Doubt me? What is constitutional government if not a few elected officials representing the people who pass laws, judge the lawbreakers, and hire some killers and prison officials to eliminate the sinners and imprison the rest and then construct education centers to forcibly mass-reeducate the children.

This is humanist government today. This is the model even in America today: simply eliminate everyone who does not agree with their theology (humanism) and forcibly reeducate the rest. This is all the theologians without hope can imagine is possible even for those transformed by the finished work of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The various flavours of the Islamic and Hindu and Buddhist State are much the same.

Many masks, same enemy behind them.

This is not the CR&T Hope at all.

But I have written too long. I’ll post again later on the CR&T Hope.

For God’s law to have its effect it must be incorporated into a social order that is capable of Biblical self-government. This requires something that only God can do.

CR&T is meaningless, without the hope of Christ’s victory and reign, in time and on earth.

That victory requires the Holy Spirit. Nothing less will do.

Certainly not some Islamic-style tyranny. No nonsense about “one law for the infidel, and one for the believer”. Actual justice, no government executive (except Christ – accept no substitutes, and no filers), no standing armies, no moral police, and none of that secret police so beloved by atheistic and secularist states.

Actual liberty, actual protection of property, and an actually predictable, stable, reliable legal code: not some “evolving law” that is easily rewritten by anti-Christian wealthy and  powerful men to suit their needs.

(First to corrupt the economy, and then to corrupt the morality, of a nation.)

Post Two

Summary of the First Post: The CR&T is willing to put all of his hope in God’s promise to transform people and their institutions. If God cannot or will not do this, then His law isn’t going to help either – eg. Meredith Kline is right, God’s Law is ambiguous if God cannot transform History. God’s law and God’s word were intended for a holy transformed people who are fit to rule themselves freely in transformed political and ecclesiastical forms of government.

There are many examples of the application of God’s Mosaic Code.

America is one of them. So is the 1640 Puritans. So is the High Middle Ages, So is Byzantium. So is Judaism today, and so is the Judaism of the Scribes and the Pharisees following in Ezra’s train.

Jesus was caustically unimpressed with the sincerity of the attempts in his day. I don’t think he is impressed with ours either. On the other hand I think he appreciates the effort saying not that the law is wrong, or their realization that it needs to be followed is wrong, but that we must exceed the various attempts we have seen to incorporate it. Each of these is another step in God’s unfolding transformation of History.

The victory of Christ, in time and on earth, in the manner He desires, upholding His Law-Word.

This is the beauty of modern CR&T, they get the absolutism of God’s Law and the Relativism of their attempt to grasp and apply it. I know Gary and Bojidar do.

For God’s Law to have its full Godly effect it must be incorporated into a social order peopled with transformed lives who are capable of Biblical self-government. This requires something that only God can do. Which is why CR&T’s don’t advocate revolution – it cannot be brought about by force. I don’t need to tell you that some of the CR&T’s don’t quite get this, but 100% of the Holy-Spirit-will-fail theologians don’t get it at all and their failure presupposition will forever blind their hearts and minds until God lifts the veil for them.

Perhaps God will be gracious and forgiving. Certainly, something worth praying for!

A true government of the people, by the people and for the people was a concept coined by Tyndale and Wycliffe to explain why they wanted to translate the Scriptures into the common English of their day. And they were anointed both in their project and in this particular understanding of it.

They believed that The Holy Spirit using God’s law and God’s word would transform the common person – plow-boy – into someone capable of governing themselves to a degree undreamt of in human history. They did not hinge their optimism on the utopian dream that people could be forcibly beaten into a new creature nor did they think the new creature would just naturally evolve.

They did not hinge their hope, on mechanical humanistic success of untransformed men using mechanical formulas to guarantee results such as, “If we teach literacy, literate people will do good.” Or “If we can kill enough homosexuals people will stop buggering themselves.” Or if we kill ________ we can eliminate that class of sinner and forcibly create the new man in Christ Jesus out of the reeducated survivors.” or if we can have the right vow of office, we couldf guarantee that the right people would rule us.” Or the more popular mechanical evangelicalism, “If we preach holy technique (sort of like turning the Bible into a Kama Sutra of practical living) we can help our congregations live happier lives.”

It’s not “them infidels” or “them perverts” or “them wealthy folk” who need to be redeemed right now in the hearts, mind, and souls.

No: it is the believer who needs to be redeemed, purified, righteous first. As this becomes part of our lives – after we remove the log from our eyes – then the Body of Christ can remove the speck from theirs.

(With the State restricted to punishing pubic violations of the law, as ordered by Moses and modified by Jesus Christ, King of Kings.)

No, their hope was based on the ethical judicial idea that the Holy Spirit would work through God’s revealed law-word to transform the hearts of a people believed in 1500 to be hopelessly dull, stupid, hopelessly peasant, hopelessly uneducated, narrow, brutish, dirty, smelly, with a life expectancy of what 30 to 40 years(?) and transform them from the heart so that in 400 years even the atheists, the humanists, the poor, the downtrodden would live at a level of wealth, sanitation and physical wellbeing not to mention self-directing financial, political and personal freedom scarcely known to the kings of the earth in their day much less the 99% of the Europe of Wycliffe’s day – the peasants.

Hey all you who think God can’t do this. When you see any man on the street today, you are looking at a man whose peasant ancestors 400 years ago were proof that God could not change the world. You can’t find a peasant today in the European/English speaking world. Anywhere! Go to Sweeden and look for Vikings the most vicious rapist/killers in history — you can’t find them. Humanist pagans all of them? No! It was the Holy Spirit who transformed them it was the humanists who cut off their balls. Don’t blame that on God.

Western Civilization is just a first step, an opening gambit in God’s plan for the ages to transform the earth.

So when those who have no hope tell us that God’s law leads to the collectivist style tyranny we have seen in the last Century and still see in places like Korea, Iran and China we are left with only one defense:

The Holy Spirit speaking through the word will transform the earth. He will continue what He has begun. He will create a people capable of the self-government and freedom promised/demanded for God’s law to be successfully lived out in society.

God also has no problems using modern, decentralized, ever-cheaper communication technology to get the job done. No more than He had any problems using the Roman road system to spread the Gospel.

Post millennialism is the Theology of the Holy Spirit. No other theological view is willing to risk their entire theology on God doing what He said He would do, “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord.”

OK there’s more I thought this would be brief. Again forgive my going on and on. You guys really do have a pretty amazing theology. I wish you would defend it better.

Some of us are willing to learn… and I trust and pray to God in Christ’s name that more will learn – and DO – what is right, every day.

Post Three

Summary of the First Post: The Post Millennial CR&T is willing to put all of his hope in God’s promise to transform people and their institutions. If God doesn’t or can’t do this they are above all men to be pitied.

Summary of the 2nd Post: God’s law and God’s sanctions really aren’t designed to be enforced by human governments that have not been transformed to match His Law. God’s law does apply. But it was first given to individuals, not their hired political and civil lackeys. The Holy Spirit will produce Free men and women who will transform free government in as unexpected ways as surely as Constitutional Government would be an utter surprise to any political thinkers prior to 1640.

Yes, God’s Law should influence governments. But presidents and kings and church administrator-elders just can’t get it right when they try to decree and enforce corporately what God spoke to individuals “Thou Shalt . . . Thou Shalt . . .” is the given structure of God’s law, not “Thy ruler shalt . . .Thine Elder shalt . . . Thy Priest shalt . . .”

Amen, and Amen!

Let’s bold that sentence:

Yes, God’s Law should influence governments. But presidents and kings and church administrator-elders just can’t get it right when they try to decree and enforce corporately what God spoke to individuals “Thou Shalt . . . Thou Shalt . . .” is the given structure of God’s law, not “Thy ruler shalt . . .Thine Elder shalt . . . Thy Priest shalt . . .”

NOW we can continue.

God’s law was first spoken to individuals and God intended their response and enforcement to come from the transformed hearts of men and women. Those who represented them in civil and church government were to rule by God’s law but only as paedagogoi, teachers, instructors, not as permanent Lords.

The Law cannot replace the work of the Holy Spirit who transforms mind and understanding. As He transforms, so too He creates a people capable of self-government, capable of being a free people who can live out God’s law with no need of political or ecclesiastical representatives and their priestly intermediation.

Thank you God, for the liberty Thou has given to us!

Yes, the Holy Spirit creates a people for whom Mosaic government without priest or king was designed.

There is one God and One Mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus, Our Sacrifice, Our Priest, our King of Kings. Do you think this has only to do with salvation narrowly conceived as escape from Hell? Or does this have to do with all forms of mediation and rule in life and government?

Thus the Holy Spirit will produce a people who will shed the need for Sheiks and Patriarchal Father/Kings like Abraham Job, and Noah; of Priests/Bishops/Popes/Fathers found in the early and medieval Church; and lordly Church-Management Elders and elder committees of the Reformation; Kings and Emperors throughout history; and Executives, Premiers, Presidents, Congresses and perhaps even Courts of the modern era. They will no longer look to them as benefactors or as Lord-protectors. They will shed their need to be protected by the police and standing armies.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, transformed men and women will shed their idolatrous dependence for safety on all these officers of civil and ecclesiastical lordship whom Ezekiel compared to Chaldean Officers painted on the walls of ancient Israel, “whose Genitals are the size of a Donkey’s who ejaculate like stallions.” whom Israel lusted after for safety and protection back then and we cannot imagine being safe and protected now without their giant genitals to comfort, protect and satisfy us.

For further consideration, see Bojidar Marinov’s well-earned mockery of Celebrity Cult leadership, especially among ‘sensible’ Reformed churches.

Will the day come when the least of God’s people would be capable of judgment that would beggar the greatest jurists of our day? That’s what Paul told the Corinthians. Perhaps a little child can lead? It’s what Isaiah told Israel would mark the Messianic coming. Will the Holy Spirit really teach His people so that they have no need of human teachers, no need of a King?

There is a lot more in Mosaic Law than Kings, Constitutions, Congresses, Supreme Courts and Standing Armies of Policemen and Marines. More not less.

Protection and sound judgment would be the responsibility of every citizen prepared to protect his neighbor at all cost at any time. Not hired agents.

Yes. Self-government under Divine direction is the essence of liberty. Anything else leads to lawless chaos, or lawless tyranny.

No one could be put into prison or forcibly restrained according to God’s law much less stoned on merely the word of a judge or two and a hired executioner or jailer.

Today we are so proud of our jury system – as we should be. It is a huge step forward for a free people, protecting us from executive judges. But it is nothing compared to the people as a whole being the appointed executioners of any Judge’s verdict. And that is the simple truth of Mosaic Law – no hired executioners to do the dirty work for a few hired leaders fulfills the measure of God’s Law.

Thank you God!

No one could be punished or executed unless all the people joined in and the judge in whatever way appropriate casts the first stone.

THIS Is what secularists hate: not stoning, but the destruction of elite, centralized authority.

Impossible you say. Utopian? Or should I say, no way could the Holy Spirit do this.

The current New Order will die, in poverty and delusion and failure and sterility.

Christ and His people are on the move!

Open your eyes to see who is surrounding us on the hills. Now, Imagine explaining constitutional government to Wycliffe or anyone in his day. No way could 99% of European Peasants be transformed into anything like the people who could sustain a government much less a civilization built on the individual taking care of himself and his government.

Constitutional government as we know it today would never work if the Holy Spirit had not transformed the hearts of England and Europe to be sufficiently self-controlled and self-governed to make it work.

And without the Holy Spirit, it will not work to the extent that it still does.

Just a word of warning, there.

It is only the Post Millennial Theonomists who believe that the Holy Spirit can and will transform the hearts of mankind to go far beyond the syncretism of today’s amazing advances in government (both civil government and church government) to transform the earth into a people who take personally the freedom to direct their own lives and protect their neighbors – not through hired government agents but personally themselves.


Well, that’s about what I have to say. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes here. I’m sure Rushdoony and Gary North and Bojidar and Bahnsen have said it much better or completely disprove what I’ve said. I don’t know. If I had ever read them extensively I would not be inadvertently plagerizing as I probably am now or contradicting them, I shouldn’t wonder. I wish I knew.

But This is how I would defend Christian Reconstruction and Theonomy as I wish they would defend themselves focusing on God’s Spirit creating God’s people and designing God’s new Covenant governmental structure so they can enter into the fullness of self rule and freedom.

Theonomy lives or dies by the Work of the Holy Spirit.


Machine Learning or Curve Fitting?

A repost from Uncommon Descent

The term “machine learning” has started to be thrown around everywhere. However, I just don’t get excited about it, myself.

Machine learning is literally just another name for curve-fitting. That’s all it is. Curve fitting has always been very useful for establishing patterns where the underlying mechanism is unknown, and I’m glad that we have automated the curve-fitting process, and developed a number of techniques for it. But let’s be real. The hype is ridiculous. 99% or greater of what is passed off as “machine learning” is really just glorified curve fitting.

If you see someone say something about “machine learning” on the news, pretty much every time they just mean that someone ran a curve-fitting system on data for which we don’t have underlying physical means of projecting.

Now, the funny thing is, the people doing machine learning have generally convinced themselves that this is not what they are doing. But if you look at the components, it is just a stochastic curve-fitting technique which can make use of non-linear components.

Again, it is useful in its context, but we’ve been doing curve-fitting for hundreds of years, and it wasn’t until the last decade that people have been writing articles about it like it was a brand-new idea.

In Confucianism, there is a concept, The Rectification of Names. This is merely a specialized term for telling the truth…
… and it is regrettable that the pagan Chinese have a greater respect for truth than many Western Christians do.
… or that pagan Arabs have a stronger love for children, for victory, and the future than Western Christians do.

From the Wikipedia.

In Confucianism, the Rectification of Names means that “things in actual fact should be made to accord with the implications attached to them by names, the prerequisites for correct living and even efficient government being that all classes of society should accord to what they ought to be”.[26] Without the rectification of names, different words would have different actions. This essentially means for every action, there is a word that describes that action. The belief is that by following the Rectification of Names, one would be following the correct/right path. The rectification of names also calls for a standard language in which ancient rulers could impose laws that everyone could understand to avoid confusion.

Of course, our current satanic ruling class loves to increase confusion and strive and illusions, and then call on State Power to enforce and back the lie.

And when the pack of lies falls down? “Oh, I’ll be dead by then. Or relaxing in a Pacific island somewhere, with millions in the bank.”

Let it be noted that the Western ruling class is far more committed in its hatred of Christ than that of China or Japan or South Korea, and more contemptuous of truth and life than the Muslims are.

And let it be noted that the Western ruling class didn’t just appear out of nowhere: it arose from Western Christian Europe. Without Christian followers and Christian fellow-travellers…

(…and a vast amount of Christian apathy, and pitifully little sustained Christian opposition…)

…today’s Western ruling class would just be a few impoverished, powerless, delusional cultists. Instead of wealthy, powerful, delusional cultists – with their wealth and power given to them by Christians, generation after generation, thanks to:

  • The public education system
    (which breaks the creativity and intelligence of the masses into a habit of Obedience to Godless Authority. But America has an advantage here…)
  • The love of free stuff
    (many, many people will shut up when you stuff their mouths with gold, or even with food.)
  • The university system
    (who breaks the mind of intelligent men, to serve the State and not the Lord – just as the Germans who designed it intended. Rockefeller loved it so much, he brought it over to the States!)
  • The seminary system
    (designed breaks the mind of intelligent men who could fight the system.)

It’s time to stop giving our enemies the tools they need to slash our throats and steal our children.

Study: More Education Leads to More Doubt of Science “Consensus”

From Uncommon Descent’s Study: More education leads to more doubt of science “consensus”


A commonly proposed solution to help diffuse the political and religious polarization surrounding controversial scientific issues like evolution or climate change is education.

However, Carnegie Mellon University researchers found that the opposite is true: people’s beliefs about scientific topics that are associated with their political or religious identities actually become increasingly polarized with education, as measured by years in school, science classes, and science literacy.

“A lot of science is generally accepted and trusted, but certain topics have become deeply polarizing. We wanted to find out what factors are related to this polarization, and it turns out the ‘deficit model’—which says the divisions are due to a lack of education or understanding—does not tell the whole story,” said Caitlin Drummond, the lead author who recently received her Ph.D. in behavioral decision research from CMU’s Department of Social and Decision Sciences and will be a postdoctoral research fellow at the Erb Institute at the University of Michigan this fall.

It’s hard to see why this result should be a surprise, for several reasons: Education enables people to see why an expert claim might be wrong. The educated/skilled people are experts themselves and, if they are honest, know the true limitations of their areas of expertise.

But posing as a scientific priesthood, mastering secrets mere mundanes can never grasp, does have delicious social benefits!

Also, the fields where consensus is marketed to a very broad public happen to also be among the most questionable. See, for instance, food health and social sciences.

Besides, whether or not they are experts, people who are directly threatened by a consensus often know more of what is wrong with it than others do. That is why children from homes where Darwinism is doubted typically know more about theories of evolution than children from homes where no one doubts and no one asks or cares. They are also more likely to know about the false information about themselves spread by consensus makers.  As noted earlier,  seminars at churches are typically more informative than chatter at pot shops and malls.

Well, in the US perhaps. I can see it happening in some of the poorer Christian nations too, and even Australia and Singapore. But not in Western Europe.

What this means is that only believing Christians (well, perhaps some Jews, but certainly no Muslims) will still retain the foundations of scientific, logical thinking – as opposed to the emotion-driven wish fulfillment of today’s academy.

The many proposals currently on offer for Fixing doubters testify to the growing authoritarianism of people who are deeply insecure. Put another way: A revered monarch needn’t fear baseless detraction; it’s the nasty little troll king in the Wizard of Id who was obsessed with finding out who thinks “The king is a fink!”

Those deeply insecure Masters are going to get delegitimized… but not because of their contempt for God and Law and Truth, but because the Free Stuff — the welfare payments, the government pensions, and the free government medicine — will die.

The end of the public schools — the true end of today’s intensely anti-Christian establishment — will have to wait for a generation. But you can see it coming from here…

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Prof claims to know how to slam dunk creationists One concern is that if Darwinians cannot reach their social control goals peaceably, they will resort to other methods.

Of course they will resort to other methods… if they had enough young men, and enough money, to do the enforcement.

But in Western Europe, the most driven young men are Muslim, and there’s several million more ready to move in. And the money is running out, burnt up on social welfare and government health care programs.

“The State feeds you!
The State heals you!
The State – and not some deity in the skies – is Lord!”

So, somewhere in the 2040s-2060s, the money will be gone, and Western Christianity will be merely some old, dimly remembered relic of the past… but there will be millions of Muslims with a living, vibrant religion who never did have faith in the Secular State, who will be highly pissed at the destruction of their rice bowl, who will be well acquainted with violence, and – unlike the long-dead Western Christian Church – will have both an effective system of law and a drive for victory over the enemy.

True: I know that Islam is based on a lie, and that in time Christianity will triumph in Arabia as surely as it will triumph in Iran, and Egypt, and everywhere. But for now, remember that Muslims don’t kill their children in the womb, and want to own the future: their White Secularist European opposition, in contrast, are happy to kill their own future for pleasure.

Guess who gets to win, and who gets to lose.