Separating Words from Meaning

In his pointed article Separating Words from Meaning, Gary North notes that modern media simply doesn’t care what the facts are, and has no ability to follow a simple logic train: all today’s media pros have are lots of rhetoric – what I would call emotionalism.

This opens the gate for those men who care about the facts (objective reality) can follow and create a chain of logic (simple and complex), and can use rhetoric well.

In today’s media, words are weapons, and has no reference to facts – consider the simple difference between men and women, ingrained into every cell of our body in great and small ways, and how intensely today’s Politically Correct professionals work to call men women. It’s much the same profound error as calling black white, ducks cars, and life death.

Fortunately, there remains many people – often leaders of various sorts – who need the truth, who insist on good logic, that demand that things make sense. A culture that is retreating into delusions and a detachment from reality is not the culture Christians should worry about: such a culture has no future.

Christians are called to own the future, in the way and form that Christ demands. And you need logic and facts – as well as the emotionally charged language of rhetoric – to do the job right. The audience that you want wants all three: give it to them, and do a good job of it.

Incidentally, North also recommends that his readers read George Orwell’s article Politics and the English Language: I am happy to recommend it as well.


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