Tightening Collars

The Church, refusing to shape the world as lions, as adopted sons of God, as servants of the Kingdom of Heaven…

(a work that has a high price to pay, as well as deserving great honour from heaven)

…decides instead to act like safe, kept slaves of the state: slaves with iron collars that is tightened a few notches every little while.

“The best way to remind Christians of their proper place in secular societies. Naturally.”

And when I say ‘Church’, I don’t just mean the failure-loving, kingdom-shrinking church hierarchy.

And I don’t just mean the corrupt seminaries, with their studied irrelevance, their treasured impotence, and their gelded and powerless product.

I also mean the laymen, who put that leadership in place, who tolerate the worthless (and innately anti-Biblical) seminaries, and refuses to break up their folly ground.

Both laymen and preachers have most certainly chosen to

  • put their faith in government promises than in the promises of the Bible,
  • trust government-certified anti-Christian scholars more deeply than the Word of God,
  • have their children taught and guided by the enemies of Christ,
  • and fear repulsive government bureaucrats far more than the wrath of God.

This is foolishness, and it will be punished.

Indeed, it is being punished this very day: as is obvious, looking at our society, our laws, and our economy.

And yet…

I remain confident that God will raise up a a generation that will earnestly cry out to Christ for that slave collar to be cut. A people of God, who will not only repent (an astonishing thing to imagine today), but will obey their Creator and Saviour.

A people who will give their all to expand the Kingdom of God, rather than watch it wither and rot and die with complete indifference.

(Other than some bleating and soft whining… if that!)

The generation that fears God will inherit the glory, the liberty, the authority, and the responsibilities that their forefathers sold off for a mess of rotting socialist pottage.

Sin – especially insistent, willful, sheltered, protected sin – turns mighty men into powerless slaves.

But God will not leave His People, His Bride, in such a laughable and pathetic state, crawling and begging before those that utterly hate and despise her, while fleeing from God, shutting her eyes at His Word, and plugging her eyes at His Word.

The Church is not to suffer the same fate as Israel.

Which means that our sins will be purged out of the Church, whenever we want it to be or not.

I recommend willing and sincere repentance today… before God burns down our idol, the Welfare State, our supposed protector and healer and lawgiver.

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