Beware of Broken Wolf Dens

Too many wolves are in high positions within the church – “broken” or not.

Ditch the wolves.
Follow the Shepherd, King Jesus.

Kingdom & Abolition

I haven’t always liked articles from Joe Carter or the Gospel Coalition, but his recent article, Beware of Broken Wolves, is great.

The Church has forgotten the age old adage, “hurt people hurt people”. The victim becomes the victimizer. The abused becomes the abuser. The bullied becomes the bully. The sinned against becomes the sinner. Of course, we must never deny the power of the Cross. No amount of abuse or trauma will necessitate this vicious cycle, but there is a real danger when these broken, authentic, and wholly uncorrectable individuals are given special licence to devour others because they were once devoured by a different wolf. Carter reminds us of this in this article.

Joe hit on many great points in his article. Carter offers three reasons for why these Broken Wolves are dangerous to local congregations.

  1. Broken Wolves Are Authentic
  2. Broken Wolves Are Beyond Criticism
  3. Broken Wolves Are…

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