The Immigration Debate and the Hidden Root

Some great insights about the necessarily negative – and thus, restricted and limited – nature of the Law of God.

“No more ever-expanding power of the God-State which loves you very much? Praise God!”

Certainly, we won’t be praising the positive law doctrines of the secularists, whose intense hostility and malice towards Christianity is self-evident.

Kingdom & Abolition

In the immigration debate there seems to be a lot of talking past one another. There’s also a lot of talk that’s essentially a reliance upon an utilitarianism; ie, my immigration policy is right because it fixes a perceived problem. And then there’s a lot of talk about why the utility of the proposed immigration policy is reasonable or unreasonable. There can be some headway made in these discussions. Talk about whether or not the Mexicans are good or bad for the economy, or talk about the reasonableness of fearing terrorism from Middle Easterners can be fruitful conversations. Clearly there’s also a lot of emotionalism involved. Fears and anxieties based off of either bad theology or misleading statistics are littered throughout nearly every conversation. It’s also good to address those fears and explain how they are either built on a theologically erroneous foundation or based on incomplete data, padded numbers…

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