Faux Obligation and Faux Abolitionism

Words like “abolitionism” must have consistent meanings, if the truth is to be successfully communicated & understood.

Kingdom and abolition

Abolitionism is not a more radical, Protestantized, immediatist, form of prolifeism. It is so much more than that.

Many have become involved in this movement or interested in this movement because of abolitionism’s stance against regulationism. They are drawn to the uncompromised rhetoric, our bold critiquing of the failed Prolife Industrial Complex, and our obvious Christianity. This is great. God bless them! I am thankful for that interest and for any co-laborers that are striving to love their preborn neighbors.  However, abolitionism is more than that. To better understand the abolitionism as a whole, this is a good starting point.

It is especially important to understand the fullness of abolitionism because some have adopted truncated versions of abolitionism. They like the immediatism, but they leave out the Gospel centeredness. They like the idea of Gospel centeredness, but buy into regulationism. They adopt four tenets, yet leave out one. They…

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