The Privileged Planet… and Privileged Atheists

From Privileged Planet Confirmed!

The article title, “Questioning Copernican Mediocrity,” refers to the famed 20th century Cornell University astronomer, Carl Sagan, who proclaimed “We live on an insignificant planet, of a humdrum star, lost in a galaxy, tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe” which he presumed is also humdrum as well.[ii] The source of this worldview that Sagan describes, Smith writes, is “implied by Darwin’s theory of natural selection, that humanity is the meaningless product of evolutionary processes.”[iii]

That ‘insignificant planet’ has grown to be a lot more significant over the last 20+ years… as not a peep from any of these supposedly widespread and common alien minds, on those billions of living worlds, has been heard.

This, after 50+ years of searching the skies.
And at least a billion years (probably a lot more, like 10 billion, following Darwin) for the aliens to have made their move.

The idea that our planet’s traits are rare in the universe has produced a spat of books that eloquently document the same conclusion. One example is Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe.[viii] In this book, paleontologist Peter Ward and astronomer Donald Brownlee claim that Earth’s planet type is rare, and advanced life is also rare. The reason, they document, is  that complex intelligent life requires an exceptionally unlikely set of circumstances, and therefore is likely to be extremely uncommon in the universe. One of the most recent books, Lucky Planet: Why Earth is Exceptional—and What That Means for Life in the Universe[ix] by David Waltham used more recent data and research to arrive at the same conclusion.

I would have said “Providential Planet” myself, but anyways…

Ironically, one of the most popular books in this area, The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery,[x] by astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez and philosophy professor Jay Richards and the movie[xi] by the same title, resulted in the termination of professor Gonzalez at Iowa State University. This case is documented in the film Expelled[xii] and in Chapter 12 of Slaughter of the Dissidents.[xiii] Several Iowa State University faculty stated that Gonzalez was denied tenure because the university feared that granting Gonzalez tenure would cause the university to become associated with the idea that life is the result of intelligent design of a Privileged Planet.

The Gonzalez case illustrates the fact that many atheists and university professors want to ensure that the idea that humans, and all life, are not special does not lose support. This is shown by the fact that, if life is found in many places throughout the universe, this fact proves that life can evolve purely as a result of the laws of physics without the need for an intelligent creator. The article and the books discussed above strongly argue against this worldview. And this is the reason why Gonzalez and other like-minded scientists have been denied tenure or fired. And the number is not small.[xiv]

As always, the Dying Masters hunger to freeze time and keep their power, no matter the cost to the truth… or those who bear the truth.

These passive-aggressive power plays won’t stop the Masters from going the way of all flesh, though. It’s going to take more than 40+ years to pry them out of their towers of power: and their fading away is more likely to be tied to online education, unfiltered information, and the old geezers shuffling off to retirement than any great admittance of failure.

I’ll take whatever tools God puts in my hands, with gratitude.

But I still have to point out that the Church could be doing a lot more, if the church leadership and laymen really thought that Christ really will defeat Satan in history (just as He did during His life), and if the Body of Christ would stop hiding from the power of the Law of God.


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