Progressives Don’t Accept Surrenders

From the comments of: Fired Google engineer got his ideas from… evolutionary psychology

My view: Progressivism usually ends in mass murder: Most societies reach an equilibrium because they seek accommodation with human nature. Progressivism seeks to transform human nature and thus becomes progressively more violent as its failures mount.

For example, after progressives have enforced gender-free pronouns, for example, they will surely turn on gendered nouns like brother, sister, aunt, uncle.

Penalties for thinking, speaking, or living in a normal way will become more severe. And the brainwashing that we are forced to pay for will become ever more intense.

And the usual righteous ninnies will be defending things they do not have the character or brains to despise.

Surrendering will change nothing. Alas, people think we can meet progressives halfway, but we cannot. There is no point at which the progressive can stop because his war is with reality. – News

Sure, fight the New Order. This is something that should be done, and can be done. Whenever the Masters meet even mild resistance from a dedicated minority, they slow down and look for other low-hanging fruit.

(This does not mean they have given up: but it does buy time. Use that time wisely.)

Of course, the best way to gain an enduring victory is to teach your children at home, and support others who choose this same road to freedom, liberty, and the future.

But you can be certain: most people will simply comply with their contemptuous atheistic/secularistic masters, in order to receive their goodies from the State: free education, free/low cost health care, old age cheques, unemployment cheques, etc.

This includes most Christians, and especially most Christian pastors, who long ago traded liberty and law in return for nationalism, free money, and submission to the government authorities, regardless of how explicitly anti-Christian they are. “They have guns and badges, so we must obey them. Didn’t they teach us that at the public school, the Christian schools, and at church?”

The New Order dies only when the money is gone. And that day, the Great Default, is coming, certainly before 2070 worldwide; before 2050 for most of the West, and even by 2030 for the most foolhardy jurisdictions.

But what replaces it? Another pack of pretty lies?

Or Godly laws – as defined by Moses and Jesus – based on Godly truths, as defined by the Holy Bible?

I’d rather not be ruled by Secularists or Muslims that hate me, but by Christians who place the commandments of Jesus and His Father above all the blather of wealthy, powerful, and connected men.

Far more importantly, God’s people ruled by God’s law is what God wants.


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