The Power of the Constitution

From Gary North’s Video: Zap and Search American Citizens


The problem is this: the mentality of Americans on closing the border empowers the border patrol agents to exercise legitimate power that they think they have been granted. The Supreme Court has not granted them this power, but the public believes that it has. So do the agents. Therefore, those of us who don’t believe that the Supreme Court has authorized this kind of power are stuck. Either we are complacent, submissively consenting to illegal searches, or else we make a fuss and risk getting Tasered.

When you deal with border patrol agents, you are not dealing with the top 10% of the graduating high school classes of America. I doubt that you’re dealing with the top 30%. Keep this in mind when you’re dealing with these people. These are the people who beat you up after school when you were 15 years old. They enjoyed doing it. Now they have badges and guns, and the government lets them do it.

Badges and guns… and lots of support from Upstanding Conservative American Christians.

Border patrol agents can get away with anything, including murder. I mean this literally. No border patrol agent is going to be prosecuted for murder if he puts a bullet into the head of some poor soul who is dumb enough to exercise his constitutional rights. The border patrol agent may decide not to do it, but that has nothing to do with the actual enforcement of law.

When was the last time you heard of any officer wearing a badge who was executed for murder? The next time will be the first time.

Sure, a major amount of Divine Judgement is coming, for the entire society…
… but more than a little bit is here, right now.

It would be best if conservatives got serious about obeying God and the explicit laws He laid down, rather than their fear-driven night terrors.

But — seeing the peaceful line-ups at the TSA checkpoints for their ritual abuse, and the distinct disinterest of Congress to even repeal the Patriot Act (“What’s that again?”), never mind get the CIA/NSA/etc under control — I don’t see it happening.

Without repentance (and then restoration),
there is only punishment (and then disgrace, if not extinction).

Forget the Constitution as your bulwark for any liberty.

Sure, use it and the legal system when you can to get as much freedom as you can… but never rely on it as some kind of mighty authority over the powerful, or any kind of limit on the government.

You need Christian societies, grounded in Christian ethics (and thus, Biblical Law), if you actually want real limits on State power.

No Secular state is interested in any such limit, of course.

(As a short-term ploy to keep those gullible Christians in line?
Sure… but nothing more than that!)

Relying on man-made deistic/secularistic documents, grounded in The Will of The People, to be interpreted (and reinterpreted as needed) by the government courts to determine the limits of the government… that’s just lunacy.


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