Being Tossed From Airplanes: Bodily Autonomy, Evictionism, and Personhood

Getting right to the point of “the best” pro-abort arguments. I’m looking at you, Rothbardians. Well worth the read!

Kingdom & Abolition

17522380_969989492524_1852415139_oOver the last several years I have noticed a trend away from pro-abort arguments that dehumanize the preborn toward arguments that rely on “bodily autonomy” based ideas. The cliche and scientifically ignorant arguments that claim that the preborn are “not human” a “parasite” or “not alive” are quickly being replaced with this more elegant though equally erroneous argumentation. The basic claim is that the mother has bodily autonomy (or control). She is the rightful owner of her body, therefore she may do as she pleases with her body. This seemingly gives the “right” to abortion to the mother.

But there is a problem (obviously). If you assume that she has absolute autonomy over her body (and that is an unproven assumption) she can, theoretically,

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