Alinsky Laughed

From Bojidar Marinov:

For another example of the same principle, here is a Christian civilization where most people have gone to church and have mouthed various Christian doctrines, and yet this is really not part of their experience because they haven’t lived it. Their church experience has been purely a ritualistic decoration. … Christianity is beyond the experience of a Christian-professing-but-not-practicing population. … In mass organization, you can’t go outside of people’s actual experience. I’ve been asked, for example, why I never talk to a Catholic priest or a Protestant minister or a rabbi in terms of the Judaeo-Christian ethic or the Ten Commandments or the Sermon on the Mount. I never talk in those terms. Instead I approach them on the basis of their own self-interest, the welfare of their Church, even its physical property. If I approached them in a moralistic way, it would be outside their experience, because Christianity and Judaeo-Christianity are outside of the experience of organized religion. They would just listen to me and very sympathetically tell me how noble I was. And the moment I walked out they’d call their secretaries in and say, “If that screwball ever shows up again, tell him I’m out.
–Saul D. Alinsky

Even a Satanist knows that God is not mocked… and knows that our super-pious ministry-industrial complex pastorate & seminary system is mocking Him.

Their spiritual (and therefore cultural; and then, finally, political) powerlessness and their groveling subservience to powerful right-wing politicians shows what they actually have put their faith in – powerful men, the strength of money and man-made laws. Barely differentiated from the open hero-worship of the Greeks.

God expects better from His people. Certainly, He has punished us severely, but there is no repentance. Death awaits… and hell beyond that.

No need to worry about the Gospel: God will raise up new and better instruments to expand His Kingdom. His treasonous servants, on the other hand, had better watch out.

In Matthew, Jesus has quite a lot to say about such men. Those Christians in leadership positions had better take another read of the material: but this time, looking for personal application, instead of just sermon material.

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