The Provider, the Professor, and the Protector

From PJMedia’s Masculinity Is the Solution to Weinstein-Like Scandals in Hollywood

Last year, I released a book on masculinity in which I outlined, among other things, the three roles of men: the Provider, the Professor, and the Protector.

It’s the last of these that Ross brings up, and she’s right. It does apply perfectly.

It seems that Weinstein’s behavior was an open secret in Hollywood; it’s highly likely that many of those saying they knew nothing about his proclivities were actually well aware of them. Through it all, we’ve seen only a handful of cases of anyone doing or saying anything.

Brad Pitt is reported to have threatened Weinstein with a “Missouri whooping” after the producer pulled his act with Pitt’s then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. Seth MacFarlane admits a joke he made at Weinstein’s expense while hosting the Oscars was made out of malice.

That’s about it.

Pitt did nothing else about Weinstein — he even worked with him on projects later. I’d be willing to give MacFarlane a pass because he only admits to knowing one of the victims, one who asked him not to retaliate in any way.

In all of Hollywood, those are about the only cases we see of any man being willing to stand up to Weinstein in any way, and they did nothing particularly meaningful.

While many look at the men of Hollywood as the pinnacle of masculinity, they’re wrong.

Developing a muscular physique and perfect hair is not what it takes to act like a real man. Delivering on that “Missouri whooping” Pitt offered would have been a start.

At the very least, a real man would have stepped up and told the world about Weinstein. But the idea of masculinity has been warped, so that most of these Hollywood men didn’t even realize that standing up for Weinstein’s victims was their responsibility as males.

Tom Knighton speaks the truth here.

But before we judge Hollywood – and it must be judged – we have to cleanse ourselves first, as a judge may not be guilty of the same sin that he is judging.

This requires a desire for holiness and righteousness that is greatly lacking from Western Christians, especially from our leadership.

(And the leadership reflects the laity…)

God WILL expand His Kingdom, and He WILL find men to expand it. If we refuse, then we will be treated as worthless servants, and another man chosen.

Note that to go against Weinstein would require a price to be paid… a price no man, and none of the women, felt was worth paying.

This is to be expected of the godless: but it is surprising and saddening that none of the (exceedingly few) Christians in Hollywood was willing to pay the price to uphold the Will of God.

We still have a LONG way to go, before gaining the victory over the Enemy.

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