The Good Old Days

From Quora:

Why do people back in the 1940s and 1950s seem so much more well mannered and classier than people today?

Steve Dutch, Visited every state and more than half the COUNTIES in the U.S.

Because it was all a sham, a facade. I am 70, and remember the 1950’s fairly well. Many of the responses here would have you believe society was in some golden age of civility and rectitude. In fact, it was a cesspool. It was great if you were a white male. You could kill a black man or rape a black woman with near-total impunity over much of the country. If you were a woman, you could be a mommy, a nurse, a teacher, a secretary or a telephone operator. I once met a woman who commanded the Space Shuttle and another who led a Mars Rover team. I happen to think that is a huge improvement in society.

But you didn’t hear about child molestation back then. No, you didn’t hear about it. Because victims knew perfectly well what would happen to them if they told anyone.

Novelist Graham Greene, writing about child actress Shirley Temple, nailed the mentality of the times perfectly with:

“Her admirers – middle-aged men and clergymen – respond to her dubious coquetry, to the sight of her well-shaped and desirable little body, packed with enormous vitality, only because the safety curtain of story and dialogue drops between their intelligence and their desire.”

Shirley Temple: the superstar who had her childhood destroyed by Hollywood

Another case that’s become fairly notorious is that of Lauren Chapin, of Father Knows Best, who was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

You know all those cases of aging clergymen being accused as pedophiles way back when? Do the math. It didn’t happen in the drug-addled Sixties. And you can bet it was way worse back when clergy were all but untouchable.

That “golden age” was the very embodiment of Matthew 23:27: “You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.”

A measure of the extent of the hypocrisy is that when people began challenging traditional sexual norms in the 1960’s, the whole system popped like a soap bubble. Because nobody actually believed in it to begin with. Comedian Pat Paulsen ran a joke Presidential campaign on the TV show “The Smothers Brothers” and one of his campaign speeches said “Let’s get sex out of the schools and back in the motels where it belongs.”

Don’t give me any crap about the “Good Old Days.” The “Good Old Days” are right now.

All quite true, and it’s good that someone who was there spoke up about it.

However: even without Mr. Dutch’s testimony, you could intuit fairly easily the falsity of the Good Old Days argument.

(Falsity from the Christian perspective, that is.

If you were identified primarily as an American white man — that is, interested in power and prestige, and not that airy-fancy issues like justice, righteousness, and the universal Law-Word of Christ — it was indeed the Good Old Days.

Just as golden, and just as dead, as the 1950s similarly were for a Russian Marxist, or the 1750s for a French aristocrat, or the 1400s were for a Catholic bishop.)

How could you sniff it out?

Simple: if the 1950s were so righteous, that culture would not merely have survived until today: it would have grown unstoppable, and dominated everything and everyone. God blesses the righteous: they multiply, and grow in power.

But He damns frauds and fakes, especially those who blaspheme His Name, using His Truth to merely enrich and empower themselves.

He’s much rather shatter His Church — and have it go through all the pain it is suffering today (as it’s just wages for its failure to obey Him) — than let such repulsive injustice triumph.

So it was that God’s Temple in Jerusalem fell, twice, before a bunch of repulsive, murderous, and rapist pagans.

And so it is today.

As for today being “the Good Old Days”: obviously not. There’s far too much child-murder, ungodly delusions, centralized power, and corruption both at the top and at the bottom for these days, and this culture, and this people, and this economy to stand forever. Or even, I would say, 40 years.

I am confident that our laughing rulers of 2017 will hate the culture of 2077, as surely as the laughing masters of 1957 would hate today’s culture.

But in both situations, it would be just a case of wages earned.

Now, if you were to ask, “Is God’s law-word more prevalent now than in 1957?”, the answer is yes in many areas, but no in certain parts of Western culture. The main point being that  white men kill their own children and destroy their own future, instead of killing the adults and destroying the future of other races and nations. Marxists can’t go around killing millions in starvation and slavery, but can only eliminate their own young, and bust their own economies.

Black Americans are substantially more free (and, more to the point, far better armed) today than in the past. To a substantial and real degree, they are far more free now than in the past: and that is a good thing. But the end of the welfare state crutches is coming, and the hated child, now a scarred but living man, must earn his own living. All debts must be paid: not only the evil acts of white men, but the evil acts of black men, must be paid up.

(And certainly, with the illiteracy and violence of the Black Americans, they have their own sins they have inflicted on themselves that they must rectify. At the end of the day, Black American families are going to have to repent, or perish as a rebel and a suicide just as surely as White American families must repent, or perish as a rebel and a suicide. “One God, One Law… and One Sword.”)

The Secularist God-State is still as intensely morally corrupt now as ever: but it’s a limp-wristed kind of corruption. In Stalin’s day, the first man to stop clapping after the mandatory spew of a pack of 2+2=5 lies was sent to the Gulag: now, if a teacher refuses to call a boy a girl, he is merely fired.

Even in Kabul, when the Iman lies about a woman and has her killed — as in the case of Farkhunda Malikzada — the women of the city are not silent. They protest, they demonstrate, they force the arrest of the police officers who did nothing as the young Muslim men kicked and beat her to death.

The old days… they ain’t coming back.

There is a stronger level of justice today, than in the past, everywhere in the world. (Yes, even starving Venezuela) And in time even the abortions will end — as the people who love to kill their own children get the non-future they so deeply desire — and the God-State (and all those who trust in it) is busted in bankruptcy and cultural disintegration.

And the information gatekeepers ain’t coming back.

The Good Old Days are a false illusion, with a lie woven right in the core assumption of that phrase.

The full blossoming of the Kingdom of God is set in the future, which we build today, learning from the victories and losses of the past.


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