Willful Blindness

Something worth viewing.

This is an extract from North’s recent article on Fukushima (Based on Lew’s article, which is based on the original article at Independent Australia).

From the original article is this:

Prime Minister Abe recently passed a law that any reporter who told the truth about the situation could be gaoled for ten years. In addition, doctors who tell their patients their disease could be radiation related will not be paid, so there is an immense cover-up in Japan as well as the global media.

This didn’t surprise North: it surprised and disgusted me, but I don’t claim to be well-versed in government darkness, perversions, and the epic seas of lies they prefer to create and dwell in… while spewing contempt on the peons below them.

“Keeping them in ignorance helps keep us – and our wealthy friends – in comfort.”

Another home truth he taught me in the article: ‘the bigger the disaster, the less the accountability.’ No one in Japan has the money to fix this: there is no way to fix the problem: so, nothing will be done.

The aging white-collar criminals, whose actions directly led to this disaster, will die in comfort, without even financial losses or public shame. The government will see to that.

The same thing happened when Communism finally died in the Soviet Union: most (quite likely all) of the killers and the traitors and the liars simply walked away. To do a true judicial review and punish all the evildoers – and there were millions of them – would involve no less than a civil war.

(And as even I would grant, a new Russian civil war over old evils will resolve and restore nothing.

But at least there were some acts of symbolic justice & restitution in Russia. At least sin was called by its right name, opening the door for forgiveness.

Not so in Japan: even to talk about the crime is a punishable offense, as the wicked must be protected, after they gain a certain  level of power and wealth (and/or if their crime is large and disastrous enough.)

Yeah, Japan is rather satanic… but it ain’t the only nation, with an elite eager to suppress the truth and evade justice. Not by a long shot.)

If the evil is big enough, the wicked laugh and walk away, “as the price is just too big for us to pay!” and the government judges, as complicit in the evil as their buddy in the dock is, give liberty to the criminal, pain and punishment to the victim (and to those who stand with him.)

Fortunately, even when there isn’t even token justice on earth, there is genuine justice from God.

But there is a huge price to be paid for simply letting evil triumph, without even a word said in reply.

True: it will be largely paid for by the innocent, here on Earth.

And yet, I think that the prices the innocent will pay will diminish over time, and a technological solution will be found to remove radiation from the land and the soil. But the cost to implement it will be quite high.

Moreover, as I believe in heaven and hell, the New Creation and the Lake of Fire, the evil act itself will definitely be paid for by the wicked: and you can’t buy or lie or murder your way to salvation.

Much to the regret to Communist and Fascist and Muslims everywhere.

(… and even some Christians — yes, even Christian Conservatives — who really should know the character of the God they claim to worship.)

But finally, a warning to the peons like you and me.

If God is able to bring judgement on the powerful and wicked — and He is (and He will do even more so, after their death, assuming they don’t find refuge in the blood of Christ) — then He can definitely bring judgement on the heads of small, comparatively poor, politically unimportant peons as well.

Our sins may be small in our eyes, but not in God’s eyes.

So let us repent of them, as small evil peons will roast in hell and the Lake of Fire, as surely as mighty evil overlords will.

There is no partiality before Christ’s holy eyes… which hates ALL wickedness, be it small or great.

And of course, willful blindness will merely insure your condemnation,
not your safety!

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