Once as Tragedy, Again as Farce

From Caitlin Johnstone’s  Modern “Liberals” Are 1950s Authoritarians

I’ve been thinking about the western attitude toward Muslims a lot lately, and how we’re all having the exact wrong debate about it. The modern liberal loves to scream at conservatives for Islamophobia, as though screaming at someone not to be afraid of something has ever been useful. It makes them feel very good about themselves to do this, to scream at the “racists” and “hateful bigots” who fear violence and extremism from Muslim radicals. They will scream at conservatives over this til they’re blue in the face… but you’ll never see them screaming at the US war machine that is ultimately responsible for Islamophobia in the first place.

Endless war in Muslim-majority countries necessitates war propaganda, which will necessarily paint Muslim people as the enemy, which necessarily increases fear of Muslims. More importantly, a causal relationship has been clearly shown between so-called Islamic terrorism and western military interventionism, and a growing body of research indicates that the predominant motivating force driving people to join violent jihadist factions is seeing friends and family killed and arrested by armed forces outside their control.

Ask a liberal to fight this factory of terror by fighting for an end to US military interventionism and they’ll just stare at you like a deer in the headlights. They’d rather scream at the guy in the MAGA hat.

I was always suspicious when Liberals, who would have screamed until they were blue in the face if Bush had all airports do an invasive body search and nekkid scanners on innocent Americans, were all mysteriously silent when Obama did it.

At the end of the day, they are the Establishment… and, like conservatives, adore State Power. “And the more godless, contemptuous, and high-handed, the better!”

It’s like that all across the board. The modern liberal will squeeze every last vote out of racial identity politics that they possibly can, but try getting them to sign on to the notion of taking some actual money away from the plutocrats and the war machine and putting it toward slavery reparations and see how fast they slam the door in your face. They’ll cheer for Middle Eastern immigrants but ignore the western interventionism which creates them. They’ll allow any manner of encroachment on personal sovereignty in the form of Orwellian surveillance, increasingly militarized police forces and an increasingly corporatized prison system without so much as blinking, but don’t you dare use trans-exclusionary language when talking about gender dynamics because that would make you a Nazi.

It’ all about the imagery, and the social positioning, and the virtue signalling. What Jesus would call a hypocrite, an actor: posing to be righteous, but fundamentally filled with filth and corruption.

The original campus of power and intellectual supremacy, the Second Temple at Jerusalem, didn’t last too long. I have a suspicion that today’s corrupt, power-adoring overlords won’t last too long, either.

P.S. Anyone wants to put numbers on how many days it will take before there is a drive to “de-platform” Caitlin Johnstone? For people who blather on and on about their love of freedom, Liberals have a real hatred of narratives that don’t match their own…


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