Nier: Automata

“To deny God means ultimately to deny man: this is the consequence of removing the ancient landmarks. A death of God philosophy in reality spells the death of man. Man as God’s creation is removed in favor of automata which are man’s creation. Thus, man plays god by committing suicide, a point made by Dostoyevsky in The Possessed.” —  R. J. Rushdoony.

From:  The Institutes of Biblical Law Vol 1.  Chapter VI: The Sixth Commandment, 20. Social Inheritance: Landmarks

The Writhing Before Death

The desire to deny God, to insist that He is not, is prevalent throughout the hit game Nier: Automata. This is not only to the vigorous name-dropping of existentialist authors and the now-standard industry perversions1 (a male android Eve, for example, whose now the brother of another android Adam), but in the story premises: a humanity which went extinct long ago, whose memory is fought in a futile war between androids and machines – and both factions are the same at their core, manipulated by the hidden Terminals.

Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle…and wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to kill him.

That would have made a solid Nietzschean quote: but it is original to the game, and is actually tied to the android’s actual war: not with the machines, but with the creator of the game. As game characters, they are stuck in a never-ending cycle of futile wars until (ending E of the game) they finally go to war with their real enemy, the game designers (a.k.a. the creator credits).

Everywhere in the game there is this desire to imitate absent gods, the humans. The androids are largely sexed as female, plenty of androgyny in general, and most (including the heroine) are dressed as whores.

(Yes, this is good for sales: but while gynoids, like pornography, are a good way to destroy human fertility in the real world, they would be simply useless in a world without men.)

On the other hand, the machines (like the androids, off-screen) mime sex on occasion, and some small robots are claimed to be children. They are more ritualistically religious/cultic, singing songs on how they want to “become as gods” as they destroy themselves.

The Desire to Kill, the Desire to Die

“If a man’s wishes are his only landmarks, then, in a world without meaning, man himself becomes meaningless. For Sade, the only possible contact with others was aggression, and the only possible meaning was crime. In Sade’s own words, “Ah, how many times, by God, have I not longed to be able to assail the sun, snatch it out of the universe, make a general darkness, or use that sun to burn the world! Oh, that would be a crime… .” The only reality, then, is aggression. But what if man and his aggression are only “parts” of a universal nothingness? The conclusion of Chinese relativism, and, increasingly of Western forms of the same faith, is indeed that chance is the only certainty and nothingness is the universal destiny and reality. Wang Wei (AD 701-761), in passing beyond the “illusions” of good and evil, wrote, “Do not count on good or evil—you will only waste your time… . Who knows but that we all live out our lives in the maze of a dream?” The cure, according to Wang Wei, for man’s loneliness and isolation in a world of relativism is “the Doctrine of Non-Being—there is the only remedy.” Deny all meaning as the cure for meaninglessness. In a world where landmarks are destroyed, deny the possibility of landmarks. In brief, tell the starving man that hunger is a myth. This is the conclusion of relativism.

If it is a crime to alter property landmarks to defraud a neighbor of his land, how much greater a crime to alter social landmarks, the biblical foundations of law and society, and thereby bring about the death of that social order? If it is a crime to rob banks, then surely it is a crime to rob and murder a social order.” —  R. J. Rushdoony.

From:  The Institutes of Biblical Law Vol 1.  Chapter VI: The Sixth Commandment, 20. Social Inheritance: Landmarks (Footnotes deleted)

Certainly, the Western social order has been destroyed: but that merely means that it will be swept away into the incinerator, and a different social order will replace it.

Remember: homosexuality (and sodomy, cross-dressing, and the rest of the sexual perversions) are not merely sins in themselves, but are the punishment for sin. The reason for the sterility stems directly from the hatred of the Father and the Son, the Christian God.

(Don’t forget: Voltaire, Gibbons, and the rest of the Enlightenment leaders had no problem with Islam…)

There is no need for God’s enemies to be given a future.

So they don’t get one.

Sure, sure: Our Dying Masters will kill and oppress and lie and humiliate as much as they can, for as long as they can. But Marxism – the highest expression of European atheism – is a dead thing, and in the end they will either just lay down and die, or convert to Islam: a religion that shares a similar malice and hatred for the Christian faith.2

1 An extended quote from Review: NieR: Automata; the greatest game ever made (Sony PlayStation 4) helps illustrate the now-standard industry/cultural viewpoint.

3) Then there’s the matter of gender. There is a lot of androgyny in NieR: Automata, and time and again, when we see explicit gender represented, it’s always closer to a construction of gender than real sexuality. This makes sense, given that the world of Automata is a world where two synthetic species are the overwhelming bulk of the game’s population, but Taro-san does make a point with the arbitrariness of gender, when he chooses to depict it.

2B herself, for example, is only arbitrarily a woman, with exaggerated femininity which frequently mirrors the behaviour of the robot beings, often found play-acting at various gender roles despite having no biological need for gender (and neither does 2B; androids are created, they cannot, as far as I can tell from the law, reproduce).

Time and time again gender is presented as a performance. At times it’s a literal performance, such as when a robot takes to the stage, acting in an extreme caricature of human expectations of femininity. At other times it’s more subtle, such as 2B’s costumes, which have been designed, quite unnecessarily, to emphasise her femininity throughout the game. There’s no reason that 2B needs to wear a loose, open dress and a leotard (no, people, it’s not underwear, it’s a leotard). She’s an android. It’s Taro-san’s way of, once again, subtly highlighting and then subverting the expectations of femininity in media, because one thing 2B never is, is sexualised.

“Play-acting” is all the robots can do, of course.

But androids and machines are not expected to reproduce sexually. God expects humans, men and women, to do so: ‘be fruitful and multiply’. Those who obey Him will inherit the earth, and those who defy Him — like the Japanese (and this is an intensely Japanese game, with some Western philosophical dressing) and today’s PC elitists — will dry up and blow away.

2There is a third choice: infiltrate and pervert Christian churches. But that’s an old stunt: it has already been done very effectively, and all the major denominations are now worthless when it comes to actually expanding the Kingdom of God.

But — as the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, will not be stopped — that merely means the rise of home churches, non-denominational churches, and small groups.

Aggressive power-worshipers thirst for a high and mighty position… with a good pension plan, and public respect and esteem. Without such a place, joining a liberal pseudo-Christian denomination is a waste of time: but if they become an Islamic imam, they get real power and real money AND the delightful license to pour contempt on Christianity all day long.

A more comfortable, easy road to hell, from their point of view.

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