The Survival Imperative

In a number of ways, I see Japan as perhaps a generation ahead of us, a pointer of what a rapidly aging society may look like.

This definitely looks to include a revival of nationalism, even among the senior politicians of the nation. It does not look like mistakes have been learned from (except, perhaps, don’t fight the US or China): there is an insistence that wartime atrocities never occurred, an attitude shared with other conservative nations like Russia, Turkey, and even Poland. All these nations inflict legal penalties on those who say otherwise. They all have or desire a state supernatural religion, too: yes, many conservative people in Japan want to reinstate the Imperial Cult.1

I don’t believe that any such revival will occur in the West: things are too far gone for that. There may be some kind of revival of conservative moralism, to keep the country together and a last-ditch attempt to raise birthrates and rebuild the tax base: but in Western Europe, that revival will be dominated by Islam. The rising new generation will eventually outvote and outmuscle the declining old secularists — nope, not a Western Christian in sight, their era in Europe died out in the 1960s & 70s — and living religions are what politicians listen to, not dead ones.

1 A return to their vomit, to the poison that nearly killed them. It doesn’t matter if it’s Germany, or Russia, or anyone else: don’t deify your political leader.

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