God of the Gaps

From Uncommon Descent’s Film night with Philip Cunningham: Atheists’ reasons for not believing in God are not scientific, and more…

In a compiled video of 50 elite scientists, no scientific evidence was ever presented for atheism but their arguments were philosophical and theological, i.e. ‘their typical arguments are rather common and shallow – god of the gaps and the existence of evil.’


Elite Scientists Don’t Have Elite Reasons for Being Atheists:

(November 8, 2016) Excerpt: Dr. Jonathan Pararejasingham has compiled a video of elite scientists and scholars to make the connection between atheism and science. Unfortunately for Pararejasingham, once you get past the self-identification of these scholars as non-believers, there is simply very little there to justify the belief in atheism….


What I found was 50 elite scientists expressing their personal opinions, but none had some powerful argument or evidence to justify their opinions. In fact, most did not even cite a reason for thinking atheism was true….


The few that did try to justify their atheism commonly appealed to God of the Gaps arguments (there is no need for God, therefore God does not exist) and the Argument from Evil (our bad world could not have come from an All Loving, All Powerful God). In other words, it is just as I thought it would be. Yes, most elite scientists and scholars are atheists. But their reasons for being atheists and agnostics are varied and often personal. And their typical arguments are rather common and shallow – god of the gaps and the existence of evil. It would seem clear that their expertise and elite status is simply not a causal factor behind their atheism.


Finally, it is also clear the militant atheism of Dawkins is a distinct minority view among these scholars.

See also Stephen Meyer on the “God of the Gaps”:

Ironically, although Theists are often accused of making ‘God of the Gaps’ style arguments, the fact of the matter is that, as science has progressed, it is the Atheist himself who has had to retreat further and further into ‘Materialism/Naturalism of Gaps’ style arguments. i.e. into “Science will figure a materialistic answer out to that mystery some day” style argument.


To clearly illustrate the ‘materialism of the gaps’ style argument that the materialistic/atheistic philosophy makes, the materialistic and Theistic philosophy make, and have made, several contradictory predictions about what type of scientific evidence we will find.
These contradictory predictions, and the evidence we have found by modern science, can be tested against one another to see if either materialism or Theism is true. This following video goes over the major predictions of each philosophy compared to the other:

Supporting documents.


Do you know what I think?
I think that the good guys are going to win – thanks to some hardworking laymen & laywomen — and the bad guys are going to lose.

I am sure that God knows the support the clergy, interested only in a comfortable life in the right circles, gave to Darwinists and atheists. Both in the refusal to fight for the truth, and their willingness to compromise more and more in order to get the approval of people who have not the slightest interest in either God, or His Commandments: who, indeed, are deeply rooted in hostility to God.

God will reward His enemies, regardless if they wear clerical robes or white coats.

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