An Idealized World

This video remind me of the best part of what has been lost in the 80s, and what Christian civilization will have to get back. Mainly, the orderliness of the people, the calmness, and the peaceful productive activity.

It’s  wasn’t just in Japan: it could have been found in many, many communities across the West at the time. You won’t find that now: without trust in God, love of each other, the willingness to co-operate together for mutual benefit, and a shared agreement of law, good behaviour, and the value of family, you will only get the  cultural disintegration, strife, hostility, and increasing poverty (spiritually, culturally, and finally economically) all around us.

The current order will fall: a culture that comprehensively hates both God and His Law will not long endure.

Although it can last longer than I would have thought: the Soviet Union stood for decades!

Islam, in contrast, is much more selective in how it rejects God – they have no interest in killing their own children, aren’t interested in mindless top-down centralization (in Sunni Islam), and insist on a supernatural foundation for its law. Unlike the atheists and the communists and the vapid post-modernists, Islam is her for the long haul…



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