1) Internet Wonder 2) Internet Warning

(Note: Possible dead videos below… but the text should be OK.)

From Gary North, I got this interesting video from the CorbettReport:

It is a nice, pleasant video from a channel that may well be taken down — and sooner than later — because of the non-/anti-Establishment opinions on other videos of that same channel.

Colbertt warns of this in the following video:

It is/was titled, “YouTube is Now ThemTube: Time to Flee the Failed Platform” and here the speaker advises non- and anti-Establishment video bloggers to abandon YouTube and move on to other platforms, including

Richie Allen is the example he gave: I am sure that there will be many others, before YouTube is simply abandoned by all excepting corporate interests and the centre-left types. (But I repeat myself…)

He recommends (as of Feb 18, 2018)

  • bitchute.com
  • d.tube
  • minds.com

And of course,

  • corbettreport.com

Christians would be wise to get diversified and get ready.


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