Deep Time

[The following is a snippet of a post I made at my sci-fi blog.]

Extra info:

Age = a time period of millions of years

Epoch = tens of millions of years

Period = about a hundred millions of years

Era = hundreds of millions of years

Eon = half a billion years or more.


[Snipped off a Satanic bureaucratic dream of bringing total, unchanging stability to the galaxy, and their use of long time scales to plan out such a future.

That is what the Lake of Fire is all about…  the world of the dead, not the world of the living.]

Deep time

Deep time, in modern scientific parlance, refers to the millions of years that have passed since the Big Bang.

Deep time is a minimal necessity for large-scale, microbe to man unguided evolution. As I have no intellectual need to evade the implications of an intelligently designed universe, I don’t need deep time to be set in our past.

But, as a Christian, I am confident that there is deep time is be set in our future. “Whenever we like it, or not.”

I intend to welcome it with open arms.

But the definition of “I” is going to shift somewhat. My life and thoughts as a three-inch-long child in my mother’s womb is radically different than my life as a 5-year old boy, which is different than how I am today.

Assuming great advances in cybernetics and biotech, there is a very-thin-but-real possibility that I can live to 5,000 years of age before I die. It’s much more likely that I’ll perish at around 80, though… and I will be different at that time, than I am today.

And life in the New Heavens and the New Earth will be different, yet again. But at that time, those measurements of Deep Time – ‘ages’ and ‘periods’ and ‘eons’ are actually going to mean something, and be put to work just as we use minutes and days and years… and sometimes decades.

I’d like to take a look at the tools that will be used by Christ & Company to work with, for those time scales, in that Far Future. And the goals those tools will be used to reach.

And, assuming my salvation, I wonder what “I” will be three million years from now. Someone very interesting and very noble, I pray!

But for now, “one day at a time”, as the grand old hymn goes.


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