“And They Call This Science”

From the very first post on American Vision:

AS A YOUNG BOY, I loved science. On standardized tests, I always scored highest in the science category….

To this day, science remains a fascinating area of study for me, if it’s science and not metaphysics. The scientific world is all atwitter over the discovery “of a rocky ‘super Earth-like object’ orbiting a nearby star much like our own sun.”[1] Reading this opening paragraph, one gets the distinct impression that these astronomers have found an “Earth-like object” orbiting a sun much like our own….

And what about this “super Earth-like object”? I know what the Earth looks like, and I have a pretty good idea what “Earth-like” should mean. This newly discovered planet has a surface temperature that exceeds 1,000 degrees. We are finally told ten paragraphs into the article and hundreds of words later that the planet “isn’t the Earth-like ‘blue marble’ and potential oasis for life that astronomers hope future telescopes will one day enable them to see.” So it’s not really “Earth-like” after all….

Endnote:[1] Mike Toner, “New world, more on horizon,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (August 27, 2004), A4.

When we have more scientists who are  interested in the evidence per se, rather than if the evidence can be jammed into the Official Narrative, we will waste less time and money, spend less time with transparent falsehoods, and get more useful knowledge.

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