Side Hustle

The five-day, 40-hour workweek is the creation of a bunch of slacker socialists in the late 19th century. God’s people are expected to work: and you have to put in more hours if you want a stronger financial foundation.

This does not mean that you should offer free hours to your employer: “the labourer deserves his wages.” Instead, work your 40 hours… and no more, except when you start out in a job, to create a good impression for a year or so.

But if you are meant to work for six days a week (and not five!), for 12 hours a day (and not eight!), then what do you do with the extra 32 hours of labour you should be putting in?

That’s where the side hustle comes in. Spend the time to get a separate stream of income coming in: this will probably take a year, but much more if the business is viable. (Having a blog that ties into the side hustle can help out.)

This turns your spare time to money: and if your main source of income fails, you have a backup cash flow to help tied you over. But I suggest that you make it your goal to build up the side business until it can be your main source of income, and you can drop having to work for someone else.

Stand up on your own two feet, like a Man of God should.

There is no shame, working well for an employer: but there is a higher goal we should be striving for.



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