Patriarchy and Sodomy

From Marinov’s post at the Reconstructionist Radio Discussion Group

OK, folks, don’t fall prey to ignorant teachers. Egalitarianism has nothing to do with sodomy. To the contrary, sodomy only flourishes in stratified, patriarchal, hierarchical societies. Like Greece and Rome. Like feudal Europe in the 14th century. Like Victorian England. Like the Ottoman Empire. Like Prussian Germany. Etc.

Contrary to what some may try to tell you, patriarchy is not the antidote to either feminism or sodomy. It is their sister-doctrine. Patriarchy creates an unhealthy view of the female sex and of the relationships between the sexes, which leads to a twisted view of the relationship between men. Study how sodomy became prevalent among the aristocratic boys in the strongly patriarchal Victorian England.

And study modern sodomite communities. They are very far from egalitarian. They are, in fact, strongly hierarchical. And their “families” are strongly “patriarchal,” with one of the partners having superior “authority” as a “father” or a “husband.”

Don’t fall prey to false teachers. Patriarchy, when developed to its logical end, always results in the rise of sodomy.

On reflection, I agree. The facts speak for themselves (see: Islamic & Hindu cultures), and patriarchy does not work with the concept of the equality of all before the Law.

If it doesn’t work with the Commandments, it doesn’t work with me.


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