China and Russia: A Preference to Live

China may reward families with a second child or more next year to arrest its dropping fertility rate, and the family planning policy will undergo fundamental changes, Chinese demographers said.

Their remarks came after reports that China’s National Health Commission (NHC) is studying the possibility of rewarding families with more children.

The NHC has put together a group of experts to calculate the effect of incentives to improving fertility, with the study likely to be completed by the end of the year, news site reported Wednesday.
They call it a ‘pro-natal’ policy, but I won’t take that seriously until abortion is banned, and divorces without cause are made significantly difficult.
If the Russians and the Chinese decide to formally ban abortions — Russia within the next ten years, and China following soon thereafter — then God is going to shift His blessings, from those who hate the innocent to those who (at least) forbid the ripping apart/acid burning/flat-out wilful murder of the innocent before they are even born.
In the meantime, the West will continue along its road of State-enforced sexual confusion, complete with punishment for those who insist on speaking the truth, who refuse to kneel to Baal.
Those who hate God hate their own lives;
those who love God love to live;
those who increase their functional obedience to God strengthen their ties to life… and to victory over their enemies.
Just ask all those Muslims, moving in to Europe. They will all go to hell, so long as they despise Christ. But they love their children, and so are well on their way to disinheriting the Western Europeans from their own soil.
And five hundred years from now, their children – who by then have long dominated Europe – can decide to bend the knee to Christ.
As for the long-crumbled medical waste bins, where White Europe chose to dump their future?
Who cares?
After all, Christ is the Saviour of the living, not the dead!
(Something that Black Americans, with their declining birthrate — now unable to reproduce themselves — would do well to remember. Time to dump the death-worshiping Democrats, I say, and get your head screwed on straight!)

Yes, I know that if Russia and China decides to end abortion in their land, it will be due to Reasons of State — the need for loyal taxpayers, workers, and soldiers — and not due to the fear of the Lord, at least not indirectly.
No matter: obedience will be rewarded, even among unbelievers.

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