Last in Line in Obedience? Last in Line for Blessings!

A depressing — but needful — post from American Vision.

All quotes from
D. A. Carson: church must not be “kicking and screaming” against racial reconciliation

Love demands self-control

Carson’s concluding comments need to be emphasized here at the outset: “certainly we must not be perceived to be knee-jerk reactionaries who are dragged into racial reconciliation kicking and screaming, bringing up the end of the pack, the last to be persuaded” (p. 107). The sad truth is that for the majority of their existence, the conservative Protestant and Evangelical churches have only arisen to the level of being dragged kicking and screaming at their better moments. Much of the time was instead fierce opposition.

Reactionary attitudes — like all attitudes — must be grounded in Biblical truth: otherwise, they are simply worthless… then poisonous… then murderous… then suicidal.

The crippling racism of the American Christian Church has sapped and withered the power and authority of the American Christian in far to many ways. It will have to end, as it is in direct opposition to the will of God, and strikes at the root of the Kingdom of God.

American Christian racism must go, and it will go.

Regardless of the cost.

Because God demands it.

Carson’s elucidation of the problem answers those who would argue that “slavery ended 150 years ago!” and “Jim Crow ended 60 years ago!” so why should racial healing be any concern of ours today? Carson answers with good insight:

Because of the many legal sanctions now in place, some forget the bitter degradation of the Jim Crow culture. The attitudes wedded to the Jim Crow culture have not everywhere been expunged. I suspect that most European-Americans have very little understanding of the cumulative destructive power of the little degradations that almost all African-Americans, especially older African-Americans, have experienced—to say nothing of the less common but still too frequent threats, racial profiling, and frankly illegal (to say nothing of immoral) injustices they have suffered (p. 94).

Right now, I am thinking of all sorts of licensing laws that hurt the poor (typically Black) far more than other Americans.

Policies that, once again, demonstrate contempt for Divine Law.

[M]any a white church in a mixed-race community is full of people who honestly think they are above racism and yet who have people who have never once fully tried to understand what it would be like for a black family to come into their church. “Of course they’re welcome,” these fine folk might protest. “Anyone is welcome here.” But all it takes is for one member to say something really insensitive, and all of the courage it took to walk in the door dissolves in disgust and a sense of victimization. Would a white member who indulged in such condescending malice face church discipline? Would the black newcomers be invited to white homes and treated as peers? And if there are economic disparities as well, would there be any reflection on the fact that some white/black economic disparity is a function of years of discrimination that, morally speaking, ought to be vehemently opposed by concerned Christians? Moreover, if the black couple visiting the white church has a teenage boy who asks a white girl out on a date, what will be the response? (pp. 100–101).

Just let me highlight this bit:

But all it takes is for one member to say something really insensitive, and all of the courage it took to walk in the door dissolves in disgust and a sense of victimization.

God is waiting for serious repentance here, before endless Christian defeat can even begin to be replaced by some Christian victories.

Sure, pre-millennial “Rapture fever” needs to stop.
Of course, the Word of God needs to be taken as authoritative,

  • including the Six-days of Creation
  • and the Laws of God as given to Moses (and are substantially still in force).

But this wicked and unlawful contempt and malice against people of colour must also end. Hatred must be reserved for the wicked, and earned by their evil acts, and not tied to some irrelevancy such as genetics.

I am glad that several (but still too few!) Christian Reconstructionists are taking the lead here. But repentance and restoration can’t stop here: it must grow to fill the whole movement, and then the entire church, and then the world.

As it is, the Pentecostals and Charismatics are well ahead of us!

We had better get moving, to get the heavenly price of obedience to God…
and avoid the hellish wages of sin.


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