Day Care as Kingdom Expansion

Or, Get rich while Doing Good — a concept every Christian should be interested in. Especially future-oriented post-millennialist!


For sixteen years, I have waited to tell this story. I plan to devote the remainder of my life to telling this story. It’s that important to me, and it’s that great a story.

In 1987, I was invited to speak at a church in New Hampshire. Normally, I don’t go on the road, but this time, I did. That proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. There, I met a man who had a vision.

He was a Christian educator. He had been hired by three Christian schools in a row. Two had been close to bankruptcy. In all three cases, he had turned around their finances. But as soon as the red ink turned to black, he found himself in the same condition as the day he had arrived: fired with enthusiasm.

He began to see a pattern: If you don’t hold the hammer, you get hit by the hammer. He decided that it was time for a change. He told me that he had taken severance pay and started a day care. He had looked at the economics of day care, and he was impressed. He told me that he planned to be a millionaire within five years.

He achieved his goal….

Academic Day Care: An Entrepreneur’s Dream, Gary North

This is the opportunity I recommend: North has all the details you could ask for.

And see also:  If I Were 18, This Is What I Would Do With My Life

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