Excellence in Halloween Media

Before Christians grew to fear Halloween (…and strengthened their scared-whining-loser-retreatist attitude…), they knew that the festival celebrated the breaking of Satan’s power, rendering monsters and spirits into figures of fun and entertainment, instead of powers to be feared and dreaded.

But breaking the power of Satan is only an indirect lesson of this video: it’s more about finding the lost sheep, the price of disobedience, and the power of love.

With a surprise cameo, by the Tree of Life.

This reminds us that we never forget the loved ones we lost… but the years do roll on, and memories fade.

This is why I am insistent about our need for Christ: with Him, what is good in our lives can live forever… and even grow better!

It is best if both ourselves and our loved ones live in Christ: but if it is just you, at least you can remember the best part of your family and friends. We can present it to God, hear His straight and honest ruling on the matter, and learn from His words and decision. 

What we missed, what was hidden from our eyes, God saw. We fallible Christians understood only in part today, but will get the full story in the right time.

Even family will burn and be twisted beyond recognition, if they are separate from Christ: but you will know what God intended them to be. That means something in Christ’s eyes, and our testimony and witness — rendered pure, and undimmed by time, and with perfect power of memory & recollection — matters in eternity to provide right judgement.

Yes, Jesus knows what Judas Iscariot should have been… and what Judas decided to become, instead.

This is even true of Lucifer, now a fallen, burnt out husk of what God intended for him to be. The Kingdom of Satan crumbles and cracks and falls to pieces…

We make out choices, and must live with the consequences.

Thank God for Christ, that at least some sinful men were saved from their natural destiny in hell and the lake of fire! Christ, the very Mercy Seat of God, should be held tight in the heart of every believer.


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