Casualties of the Flood

Yes, I know that Noah kept breeding pairs for all animals: but the Flood and the aftermath — including drastically cut human lifespans, atmospheric changes (with much less oxygen), etc — means that the density of life on earth has drastically fallen.

All these animals were alive at the same time: which means that even the Amazon is a blasted desert, compared to what we lost by our own willful foolishness, wickedness, and cruelty.

I admire God for continuing to labour and sacrifice for our salvation, including my own. A sinner such as I, weary of the futility,  stupidity, and destructiveness of our own evil, would have tossed the lot of us (including myself) into the fire long ago.

It is the kindness and example of Christ that gives me hope, that draws me from the road of death

….that we all deserve, including myself….

and onto the road of life

….which is a gift that is free to us, but VERY costly to God.

For Christ and His Kingdom, then, we live… and fight… and win.

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