More Info, More Thought

I found two more podcasts that my audience may be interested in:

Real Science Radio

An informative regular podcast, keeping up with recent scientific developments: including cheeky challenges such as asking NASA on the hostility of water to prebiotic life… and getting an answer.

I like gutsy Christians!

RSR makes a good supplement to my usual go-to sites, Uncommon Descent, Evolution News, and Creation Evolution Headlines. I don’t often the oldies like Answers in Genesis or the Institute for Creation Research , but it’s good to know that they are there.

(And maybe you should take a peek, anyways:  you may find something that fits your needs!)

Man at the Gate

I just sampled this podcast last night, and I like his view of “deconstruction, then reconstruction”: far better than the “revolution, then tyranny” of our opponents, or the no-growth, no-change reactionary of many conservative Christians.

Either you make the change, or your enemies will make the change for you. And frankly, I prefer covenant-keeping Christians to make the changes in society. As opposed to the short-sighted, murderously deluded children that rule us today.

“No change, no growth” is not an option.

(Although the still, cold future of death is!)

Man at the Gate makes a good supplement to Axe at the Root, (which I prefer to read multiple times, to digest the info properly) and the Monstrous Regiment.

Check out the other podcasts at Reconstruction Radio!


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