The Darwinian Children Eat Their Fathers

It was inevitable.

You should carefully read the article The perfect storm: Darwinists meet the progressive “evolution deniers” — and cringe… on Uncommon Descent.

“Back when evolution was under attack from proponents of Biblical Creation and Intelligent Design, academic scientists were under no pressure to hold back criticism. This is because these anti-evolution movements were almost exclusively a product of right-wing evangelicals who held no power in academia. Now we have a much bigger problem, because evolution denialism is back, but this time it’s coming from left-wing activists who do hold power in academia. This makes the issue both harder to ignore and harder to remove. Social justice and hyper-militant trans activism now seems to act as a kind of anti-universal acid, and not merely a strong buffer solution. While the universal acid of evolution eats through old cherished beliefs and replaces them with deeper understanding and a clearer picture of reality, the anti-universal acid of social justice ideology is a recklessly destructive force, aiming to abolish scientific truth and replace it with relativistic postmodern nonsense…”

The New Evolution Deniers by COlin Wright at Quillette

Basically, it describes what happens when Old Establishment Darwinians — the scientists who loathed Christian thought, and drove it out of the Academy — get to meet their intellectual descendants: young people who happen to be more consistent in their hostility to the Cross.

And therefore, are more consistent in their hatred of Divine Order, from the laws of logic, to the very definition of sex.

The Old Elite doesn’t like it, as these anti-Christian leftists have real power over their careers… unlike the insipid, compromised, “We can only lose in the real world” Christians.

Oh, well.

“But it seems clear to me that academia now is not as it was advertised a decade ago when I started down this path. It is no longer a refuge for outspoken, free-thinking intellectuals. Instead, it seems one must now choose between living a zipper-lipped life as an academic scientist, or living a life as a fulfilled intellectual. Currently, one cannot do both.”

So evidently, shutting down Christians was “outspoken, free-thinking” but shutting down evolutionary biologists “a zipper-lipped life”. Or that Darwinism is a good “universal acid”, but the post-modern products of Darwinism are “a kind of anti-universal acid”, (whatever that might be, he doesn’t seem to know his pH scale.) Despite the pain they feel, they don’t seem to realize it is their own hands that have torn down the edifice of knowledge. They still think that discrimination is valid when they are in charge, that courtesy is only for friends, that objectivity is their personal possession.

The mere argumentation used in this article reveals that the academic battles for truth were lost a generation earlier, and today we are simply sweeping up the shards.

From The perfect storm: Darwinists meet the progressive “evolution deniers” — and cringe…

As we see from the Uncommon Descent article: The Academic Establishment has sown the wind – from backing adultery and easy divorce, to the hatred of the Creator and the Created Order (moral and physical) He established.

Now, they reap the whirlwind.

It will be up to Christians — not the failures and losers, but those who plan to win — to set things right.

Those believers who love the universe God created, and respect the Author and His Laws.

Those who understand that Christ is Lord over the entire world, right now.

Who know that Lord Jesus is to be obeyed in every nation, by every man, right now.

They are the ones to push humanity forward in understanding reality, and so extend the dominion of men on Earth (as Biblically directed) and even into the Heavens (as I personally believe.)

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