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If you don’t have a good grip on science, on reality as it is actually organized and demonstrably operates, then you aren’t going to the stars.

It looks as if the universities aren’t going to provide much useful science much longer, as opposed to tenured, state-funded Temple jobs to the right ideologues.

From Uncommon Descent’s The perfect storm: Darwinists meet the progressive “evolution deniers” — and cringe…

Quillette has a tradition of providing a forum for people who can’t get heard on the regular channels, perhaps due to political correctness. This article was by an evolutionary biologist who thinks that the slogan “gender is a social construct” denies Darwin. Here are the conclusions:

“Back when evolution was under attack from proponents of Biblical Creation and Intelligent Design, academic scientists were under no pressure to hold back criticism. This is because these anti-evolution movements were almost exclusively a product of right-wing evangelicals who held no power in academia. Now we have a much bigger problem, because evolution denialism is back, but this time it’s coming from left-wing activists who do hold power in academia. This makes the issue both harder to ignore and harder to remove. Social justice and hyper-militant trans activism now seems to act as a kind of anti-universal acid, and not merely a strong buffer solution. While the universal acid of evolution eats through old cherished beliefs and replaces them with deeper understanding and a clearer picture of reality, the anti-universal acid of social justice ideology is a recklessly destructive force, aiming to abolish scientific truth and replace it with relativistic postmodern nonsense…”

“But it seems clear to me that academia now is not as it was advertised a decade ago when I started down this path. It is no longer a refuge for outspoken, free-thinking intellectuals. Instead, it seems one must now choose between living a zipper-lipped life as an academic scientist, or living a life as a fulfilled intellectual. Currently, one cannot do both.”

So evidently, shutting down Christians was “outspoken, free-thinking” but shutting down evolutionary biologists “a zipper-lipped life”. Or that Darwinism is a good “universal acid”, but the post-modern products of Darwinism are “a kind of anti-universal acid”, (whatever that might be, he doesn’t seem to know his pH scale.) Despite the pain they feel, they don’t seem to realize it is their own hands that have torn down the edifice of knowledge. They still think that discrimination is valid when they are in charge, that courtesy is only for friends, that objectivity is their personal possession.

The mere argumentation used in this article reveals that the academic battles for truth were lost a generation earlier, and today we are simply sweeping up the shards.

The universities are increasingly staffed by committed ideologues looking for a government meal ticket, not curious researchers poking at the universe and seeing what happens next.

But this was always true, ever since the rise of tenure and the rise of the university itself, even when the backer was a power-hungry church, rather than the power-hungry state. Don’t forget: the Biblical mode of transmitting knowledge from elder to younger is by a vast number of one-to-one apprenticeship, not the guild-controlled, impersonal Academy of the Greeks.

The value of a liberal arts education has always been the same: access to a bureaucratic job. The university was invented in the 11th century, and that was its goal. If you wanted to get into a high position in the Catholic Church, you went to a university. Or if you wanted to advance in a secular hierarchy, you also went to university. If you could, you got into the University of Bologna, which trained the lawyers. It was the first modern university.

Parents sent their sons to universities to get them into either the church bureaucracy or the legal bureaucracy. The university was invented in the 11th century, but only in the West. It was invented to take advantage of a hierarchical system. It gave lifetime employment to a young man if he could get through. Parents fully understood this, and this is the only reason that parents put up the money to send their kids to a university. That was true from the day the first university’s doors opened.

What Is a Liberal Education About? I Mean Really. – Gary North

The dominant Western ideology — “anti-Christianity” (it is hardly for something, like Islam or Buddhism or even Shinto) — merely hardens as it logically works out its foundational premises.

Older anti-Christian academics who held onto many Christian assumptions (“Things don’t make themselves… stealing is always wrong… men are not women… math isn’t racist… truth is not an evolved illusion”) are smoothly overrun by more consistent, younger anti-Christians.

From The Darwinians’ cowardice before SJW mobs explained in detail:

“Well, how does it feel now that the universal acid shoe is on the other foot? And who on the evolutionist side will have the guts to stand up for what they believe at the risk of their job now?”

We are in the odd position of being able to supply an answer in which we are,. unfortunately, confident. No, they won’t. They will continue to pretend nothing is happening and abandon those who speak up, maybe at one of those new, “edgy” mags where you are still allowed to say something like what you really think.

[…] your colleagues know full well that they are cowards and traitors, hoping to keep their positions by agreeing to whatever approved lies the SJWs demand. Why should we expect them to be honest enough to do good science? There’s no question that these attitudes will creep into their practice.

If Christians want to reach the stars — I do! — then get ready to do the think-work yourselves. 

Fortunately, that’s far easier now than even a decade ago (nevermind pre-Internet!), and I appreciate useful scholarship and science that honours God, Logic, Truth, Law, and Human Worth… and not useless scholarship that only honours only political Power.

While Gary North has written plenty on both the failings of universities and their coming replacement, I’m going to quote him on an story, from the movie Monster University. He notes that the university stamps out graduates who conform to a system, but the best in the industry all have their own unique approaches to the work.

The basic idea of the movie does not hit in full force until the final scene. But it is consistent with the entire storyline. From beginning to end, it is the story of a person who takes an academic path to success, and then finds out only at the end of the path that it was the wrong path.

An Early Warning from Pixar: The Coming Collapse of the Higher Education Cartel by Gary North

If you want the truth, forget the money… the iron rice bowl… the attitudes of the Right Sort.

Just go get it… preferably, while making a profit from your hard work.

(Note: this was originally posted at my sci-fi blog)


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