Predators, Victims, and the Coming Whirlwind

The Monstrous Regiment recent put out a podcast on Predators and Victims, describing how trash like to detect, manipulate, and use the weaker and more submissive among us: usually women and children.

Women are the most likely audience: but God-fearing men should listen, and understand, so they can detect when someone is abusing their children right before their eyes.

Note that a lot of abusers like to wrap themselves in cloaks of authority: pastors, fathers, teachers, etc. Be watchful, and listen to the small when they complain. Take their word seriously.

This includes determining if the victim are speaking the truth, or lying. Wolves come in all sizes, ages, and come in both sexes: discernment and wisdom is needed here.

(In the Bible, false accusers receive the punishment that the accused would have received: something to think about. Especially as that law has never been rescinded.

The secular courts make it a point to ignore God’s standard of law and justice: Christians may not follow in the diseased footprints of such willful contempt of God’s will.)

If in your judgement, this warrants calling the police, do it. Lots of religious & educational organizations would prefer to close ranks to protect the corrupt, rather than crush that snake’s head. More than one family would prefer that the victim suffer, as well.

By the way, you might also want to look into The big double standard on child sex abuse no one is talking about: for some mysterious reason, the media loves scandals relating to priests and Christian institutions, but remain soft spoken or completely silent when child abuse occurs in the public schools.

As Joel McDurmon writes in his article:

There is a tremendous disparity between how the Roman Catholic Church is being treated and how the same offenses on a greater scale are being treated in both the law and the media. This is not only a sad fact, it is a huge immorality and abuse of trust itself.

The media virtually ignore both the offenses and the lobbying on the part of the public schools and teachers’ unions. In the few cases they do mention them, they do not mention the double standards already in the law. If they support a particular piece of legislation, they do not mention how that legislation may appear to target child sex abuse in general, but carves out special exceptions for public agencies—schools, police, etc. When the Roman Catholics object, it is implied they are opposing because they wish to protect the abusing priests, money, etc.

It is implied that they don’t care about the victims. I am not defending them on that charge, but I do wish to point out that it is really the law itself, the teachers’ unions, the bureaucrats, and the media all behind this double standard who really don’t care about the victims.

If they did, they would be pressing every bit as hard—or five times harder—where the problem is even greater. Until they do, they have no greater moral integrity than the pedophile priests or teachers themselves.

I don’t support removing all statutes of limitations. That’s dangerous. When groups as disparate as the Chambers of Commerce and the ACLU oppose that, it ought to make you at least think. I support public executions for convicted rapists, and the privatization of all public schools. But the double standards are not only sickening, they share in the guilt of the abuses they protect.

If we don’t rectify that, statutes of limitations won’t protect us from the forces within us that will devour us.

The big double standard on child sex abuse no one is talking about, by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Our culture have sown the wind, and the devastating whirlwind is building up nicely.

Don’t be there when it strikes.

Don’t be a party to evil… not by commission, and not by silence.

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