Learn from the Failure of Others

To set the stage: a snippet from North’s The Christian-Muslim Confrontation in Dearborn: What Nobody Wants to Admit:

A group of Christians went into Dearborn to carry “Jesus” placards.

Placards have a place in picket lines, where confrontation is expected. They do not change anyone’s mind. They make a statement.

When it comes to Christian-Muslim relations, which have been bad since approximately 680 AD, placards convey no new information.

If the sign-carriers were trying to provoke an incident for media purposes, their tactic worked.

OK, so we know the scene of the fight. Now, I am unsure if the Good Guys played their hand right: it depends on their goals. (To annoy the Media, or to expand the Faith into Islamic-held areas?)

But one thing I know I don’t want Christians to imitate: the opposition to the Gospel. To continue quoting North, on the Muslim opposition:

These children are not dedicated to Islam. They are not dedicated to anything of substance. They remind me of the teenagers in Northern Ireland in the years of continual violence. There, gangs of “Catholics” and “Protestants” shot each other, detonated car bombs (the unique invention of Irish violence), and plotted revenge. But could any of them recite a catechism? Could any of them give a history of Catholic-Protestant confrontations? No. They were poorly educated lower-class kids with no economic future.

I do not see this incident as the future of Muslim-Christian relations in the United States. These children will not grow up to become [cell – AP] group terrorists. They will grow up to be lower-class Americans, with bad jobs, welfare checks, low birth rates, and no hope for the future.

These are kids with a hostile attitude that invokes the militant side of Islam, but without the dedication to be militant. Someone could build a gang out of these kids. He could not build an army committed to a millennium of confrontation.

This was a local phenomenon. I do not think this country will have as many of these dysfunctional neighborhoods as France does. If it ever does, it will be the result of the welfare state, as it is in France.

I suspect that, with the rise of the welfare state, Islamic failure is only growing to grow… in Europe, as well as America. And perhaps even back in the Middle East…

Of course, the welfare state – an intensely secular institution – is hostile to Christianity, as well. The gelding, corruption, and widespread extinction of Christianity among the working & lower classes in Europe & America can be directly traced to the corruption of the Welfare State, and it’s desire to create dependency on the State (not God) and eliminate the father as the breadwinner (and so destroy the family: “mission accomplished” among blacks and Muslims, by the way).


There are enough Americans — yes even specifically White Americans — who despised the handouts to provide a strong foundation to rebuild the Faith in America. A useful base to rebuild from, after the Welfare State collapses in bankruptcy.

(Not so much in Western Europe, I suspect: but there were enough in Eastern Europe to make some kind of recovery.)

Islam in America has broadly failed: even now, the solid majority already support same-sex marriage, thanks to their Democratic friends. (Just as many Black Americans back abortion – which mainly their unborn children get to suffer from – thanks to their Democratic ‘friends’.)

Both roads leads to extinction.

Let me focus on this:

These are kids with a hostile attitude that invokes the militant side of Islam, but without the dedication to be militant. Someone could build a gang out of these kids. He could not build an army committed to a millennium of confrontation.

It won’t take a millennium of dedicated Christian opposition to overthrow our contemptuous Secularist Masters. Serious, ever-strengthening, no-compromise postmillennial (a.k.a. success-oriented) Christian opposition to Secularism would result in a comprehensive victory in less than a century: possibly as soon as a 40-year generation.

It will take longer to break Islamic lies, than to break self-destructive Atheistic lies. But even here, I don’t think it will take more than 500 years or so to finish the job, assuming we don’t slack off or go cower in a corner.

What we need is commitment, and a vision of victory, in time and on earth. We need to be postmillennial winners, not premillennial/amillennial losers and sellouts.

With faith, prayer, sacrifice, the ability to learn and to repent, and lots and lots of hard work, comes victory over any and all forms of evil.

A postscript: It looks like YouTube decided to suppress the YouTube that shows the Christian/Muslim confrontation in Dearburn. Typical Establishment fantasies, hiding from reality.

Don’t imitate those fools, Christian!

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