Intelligent Design 3.0

(Thanks to Uncommon Descent for the tip)

The times, they are a’changing…. complete with a flourishing ID Underground.

What does this mean for Christians? Mainly, that by around 50-100 years, Darwinianism & Atheistic Materialism will be discredited.

This is a big step forward – no more dehumanizing “people are really just disposable animals” illogical cant from Our Betters, for one thing.

But really, that’s already happening: today’s SJWs still loathe Christians, but also have no time for atheists who Challenge the Narrative. Being merely anti-Christian/atheistic will not protect you.

And in truth, even before Darwin, most educated people in the West were not seven-day Creationists (as I am). Instead, they were more deistic in their thought, or a mix of the Bible and the local Spirits/Old Ways.


Merely acknowledging reality, that the universe is designed/created, is not enough.

The identity of the creator – Jesus Christ – must be acknowledged as well.

And – unlike intelligent design – the truth of Christianity cannot be deducted solely by clear thinking and careful research. Some degree of faith is needed, as well.


It is always possible to cheerfully agree with every doctrinal and historical point of the Christian Faith… and simply decide that you will not kneel, worship, and obey Jesus Christ, even though He is everything he says he is.

“Knowledge — even accurate and true knowledge — does not save.”

That being said, I strongly value good and true knowledge far, far higher than a worthless pack of murderous lies.

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