Today’s Price for Yesterday’s Foolishness

Despite what centralized problems resulted from the Civil War, it was a war that began with a secession that took place over slavery. Had we taken care of the slavery in a righteous way first, we probably would have avoided all of it, including the centralized results afterwards. Better yet, we would not find ourselves in a position of trying to defend otherwise good doctrines such as decentralized government and state’s rights with all the baggage that attached because of failure after failure with slavery and especially race since then. It is time for Christians, libertarians, and limited government proponents to acknowledge the whole truth, quite straining pet theories, and focus attention on the true causes, their true effects, and especially the real solutions for liberty going forward.

Was Southern secession really over tariffs? Let’s settle this once and for all by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Repentance first, then victory.

No repentance? No victory.

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