Who is History’s Greatest Traitor?

The Greatest Traitors

Of course, that would be Adam, made from the soil, who — as quickly as he could — mysteriously failed to defend & protect his wife while she was being deceived by the snake, and then (after observing that the disposable woman didn’t actually die after eating the forbidden fruit) broke God’s one single commandment, and bent the knee to Satan by obeying the liar while despising his Maker.

Second on the list would be Judas Iscariot. He knew who Jesus was, and swiftly sold Him out for 30 pieces of silver. Behold: the first bishop of the church to accept a government grant!

Third (with the word “greatest” here actually meaning “good, just, and worthy of imitation”) is Rahab of Jericho, who betrayed her city and every soul in it, excluding only her own family. Rewarded as a God-fearing traitor deserves, she was adopted into the nation of Israel, and her bloodline eventually integrated into that of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

A vastly superior reward than money, or medals. THAT is the reward that Rahab the Blessed Traitor received. May her name be honoured and praised forever!

Martin Selbrede of Chalcedon discusses the Biblical view of traitors at the start of the video below:

In Quora, there is a discussion on the question, Who is history’s greatest traitor and why?

An Armenian brings up an interesting example in the discussion:

[start quote]

The Religion of Peace

David Hamazaspyan, Armenian, Businessman, Military Historian

This waste of human life:

This is Enver Pasha. He was one of the leaders of the Ottoman Empirefrom 1914–1918 (taking the role of Minister of War) when it was on the brink of collapse. And he killed a man that saved his life.

This is Enver Pasha. He was one of the leaders of the Ottoman Empirefrom 1914–1918 (taking the role of Minister of War) when it was on the brink of collapse. And he killed a man that saved his life.

In 1914, the Russian Empire invaded the eastern side of the Ottoman Empire, and Enver Pasha was the main commander of the eastern Ottoman forces. He was a terrible military leader and he sent hundreds of thousands of Turkish soldiers into the mountains with a lack of clothing during very cold winter months. When the Russian side attacked the Turks at the Battle of Sarikamish, his huge army was demoralized and the result was a crushing defeat for the Ottoman Empire.

(Russian Empire Army on the frontline, 1914)

Half of Enver Pasha’s forces froze to death and the other half was either captured or killed in action. This was the single worst defeat in all of WWI for the Ottomans. Yes, the Russian side had a battalion of Armenians that fought on their side, but this was due to the fact that the Ottoman Empire began to massacre Armenians in the region of Zeitun which was an extremely autonomous Armenian province in the Ottoman Empire.

(Fortified Armenian town of Zeitun ~early 1900’s)

Enver Pasha kept losing battle after battle, and one day he was wounded and almost died in battle. Armenian soldiers of the Ottoman Army encircled Enver and protected him. An Armenian named “Hovanes” carried Enver on his back and ran him to the closest town and saved his life.

Shortly after, Enver left for Constatinople and at a meeting with the other leaders of the Ottoman Empire, he blamed the Armenians for his losses in all the battles (even thought there were a lot of Armenians serving in the Ottoman Army). He devised a plan to exterminate all Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and put an end to the “Armenian Question” with the Armenian Genocide. Although Armenians were massacred in the Ottoman Empire before, and were massacred in 1914, this was unprecedented. The result was that 1.5 million Armenians were massacred in the worst ways possible, and the ancient Armenian homeland was completely destroyed from 1915–1923.


(Turkish man teasing starving Armenian children with bread, 1915)

Hovanes, the Armenian, was rounded up in a labor batallion with other Armenians. The Turks forced them to work in concentration camps until they died. The Armenian men were even forced to dig their own graves and all the men were ruthlessly killed in the camps so that they wouldn’t protect their families.

Enver Pasha and the Ottoman leadership disgustingly betrayed Armenians. The Ottoman Empire vowed to protect its people, and the Armenians were loyal to the government, overpaid taxes, and followed the oppressive Ottoman laws. Armenians contributed so much to the Ottoman Empire that they were even called “millet i sadika” (“loyal nation” in Turkish). Instead, they were brutally massacred and wiped out of existence by the very own government that was supposed to protect them.

(Armenian volunteer units)

After the empire fell, Enver Pasha allied himself to Bolshevik Russia and took control of a lot of equipment. He betrayed Russia (again) and took command of Islamic rebels in Tajikistan who were fighting against Russia. Justice was served in 1922, when an Armenian battalion defeated Enver Pasha’s forces and an Armenian named Melkumyan killed Enver Pasha himself.

[end quote]

Modern Traitors

I would like to make a special note of this picture:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is main-qimg-60d779febb57f4d5658af28e28034ebb

I am uninterested in Muslims blathering on and on about how good and kind they are to all humanity. I am very interested in Islamic behaviour, when Muslims have power and Christians do not.

(Points to Christian believers in Egypt, and Iran, and Iraq, and Indonesia, and Pakistan, and.. and…)

In addition to this, I am struck with the similarity of this picture and that of begging Christian leaders, aching and pleading for the approval of their contemptuous Secularist overlords.

Please be nice to us! Please show mercy to us! We won’t cause trouble, honest! We will eagerly repeat and obey everything you say, and follow your lead when it comes to abortion, and divorce, and sodomy! We will eagerly insist that 2 + 2 = 5! We won’t hesitate to demand that our followers spew lies to please you — that we call men women, and women men, if that is what you want us to do! Our True Lord and Master, show mercy!

The sight of Christian children begging bread from contemptuous Muslims is saddening. May they get justice from the hand of God — the same God Muslims obviously despise, as we can see by their actions when Muslims have power, and we do not.

The vision of Our Noble Christian leadership crawling and begging before their real lord, the Secularist Elite, is revolting. It is only good and right that God drive His heel into the teeth of that pack of pulpit traitors, good and hard, before dealing with the sterile, bankrupt, and increasingly delusional atheists, perverts, and Ruling Class elitists.

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