Nancy Pelosi, and The Mind of Christ

As bad as Nancy Pelosi’s political views and policies are, the “conservative” attempts to get at her by asking for her tax returns are one of the stupidest things you can find on the Internet. Her personal life is exemplary and she can mop the floor with most Republican politicians – and especially with Trump – in terms of personal ethics. Her net worth is her husband’s net worth, and Paul Pelosi has been an investor in tech companies and real estate since before she started her political career. The two have been married for 55 years without a single scandal of infidelity between the two. She was a stay-at-home mom until she was 47 in order to raise their 5 kids. To attempt to pit her personal life against the personal life of a guy whose whole life is full of sexual scandals, shady business, bankruptcies, and family infidelity, will only make her look even better to her Democrat voters. And it will only cement the impression that modern “conservatives” are the most morally unprincipled political constituency America has seen in its history.

And besides, Trump’s political views and policies are just as bad as hers. At the very least, she didn’t initiate “take guns first, due process second” when she had the power to do it.

Bojidar Marinov, on Facebook

I replied,

This is among the best warnings I have ever read. Evil – even serious evil – should not blind us to seeing the entire man, the entire situation.

God judges righteously, according to the whole man: we must do the same.

We must gain the mind of Christ, to expand His Kingdom. Petty nonsense and point-scoring isn’t His way, and will win us nothing.

We need the mind of Christ, to judge according to HIS direction, not OUR emotion.

To again lead society, we need to not only gain the approval of God, but ALSO the allegiance of men. This is lawful and just, if we don’t want to be merely another set of worthless tyrants.

“Politics fourth.” We really should start at dogcatcher, and get a solid footing and awareness of what’s going on, before pushing higher. EARN the rank you want!

See what’s really there, not just the parts that play into your narrative.

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