Why Our Masters Will Fail

Towering Enemies

From Marinov’s Hope IN God, FOR Our Generation

On one hand we have the enemies of God who have taken the reins of power in our nation and seem to be unstoppable in their imposition of their agenda on the American public….

On the other hand we have what I call the “Denethor ministries”: Christian ministries that have given up all hope for this nation, leading us to accept escapism as a “Christian” ideal.1 Don’t have hope for America, some of them proclaim, but have hope “in Jesus,” that means, have hope only for the salvation of your own soul, not for your nation, your communities, your economy, or your family. “America will lay in ruins,” one of these Denethors declared these days, “but we should only look to Jesus for our hope”; forgetting, apparently, that his grandchildren will have to face the reality of America abandoned by their grandfather who was way too “spiritual” to care for the world they will spend their lives in.

You can fight or escape from the enemy. Either option may be the correct one, in a given situation: Jesus Himself did both, as may we.

What is disgusting to see is wailing and moaning… and then, to do nothing. Not veven a public prayer for repentance, for strength to continue the battle, or for God to damn His enemies. Only a repulsive bleating about how weak we are, and how strong the Establishment is.

That kind of powerless, faithless hand-wringing is dispiriting to other believers, deeply pleasing to the Satanist elite, and (I say) enraging to the Lord who is eager to give us victory… if we do things HIS way.

But let’s focus on Marinov’s point: there isn’t going to be any escape from the consequences of the rule of evil men, even after their staff has been broken and their power-structure lies in ruins.

I do not challenge Christians who abandon a particular country, or a particular fight, to save themselves. If Christians choose to flee from an oppressive state, say, or a perverted institution like the ‘justice’ system, I have no right to tell them no. It is quite possible that they are making the right choice, just as Christians were told by Jesus to flee Jerusalem when the Roman eagles arrived.

But Jerusalem was destroyed when they left… and when believers abandon a post, that place is damned, quite likely to destruction.

And since not a square inch of earth will God leave to the enemy forever, someone will eventually have to go back, and retake what is lost. Possibly at a high price. While walking on the bones of those who God may have wanted to be saved, not damned.

Feet of Clay

I am bolding certain sections of the following quote.

So where should Christians find hope? …. even if we want to do something about the world and about the life of our children and grandchildren, what hope can we have, given the obvious defeat of everything we believe in, in the cultural arena?

But true Christian hope is always comprehensive. It’s never only a hope IN something. It must have a goal bigger than ourselves, otherwise it is simply baptized selfishness. And it is never only a hope FOR something; it must have a supernatural source, otherwise it is simply paganism.

Therefore my hope is IN and FOR: in God, for the world. And my confidence is IN and FOR: in God, for our generation. And contrary to all claims, and all alleged “evidence” to the contrary, I believe this and the next generation will be the last generations of triumphant secular humanism in history. There is no end of the world in sight; there is the end of secular humanism as we’ve known it for the last 120 years. There is no Second Coming of Jesus in this generation or next. There is the return of Christianity as the dominant cultural force in the world. And there is no Great Tribulation in sight. There is only the collapse of the social and economic order created by secular humanism and the rebuilding of civilization by Christians who have rejected escapism and have embraced the comprehensive Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, in history.

The enemy rules because we let it rule.

When we turn against their rule and back the rule of Christ, Jesus Christ Himself, who directs the flow of reality and history, will break the back of the enemy.

But I also have another dimension of realism added to my experience that most Americans don’t have: I saw Communism fall.

I was alive to see it fall. That taught me an important lesson: power will eventually fail. Even if it controls all the media, all the schools, all the churches, all the guns… that just isn’t enough against the unremitting hostility of God.

(Muslims don’t believe this… but then again, they are less consistently against God than the Communists were. This gives Islam a strength and even wisdom (!) that Communism lacks.)

I insist on noting that we are also living in the aftereffects of an even greater fall: the fall of European Supremacy.

And when I say Europeans, I don’t mean the fascists with a love of pathetic massacres in synagogues, mosques, and black churches… which amount to nothing but the futile, violent writhing of a dying and unrepentant people, a people without a future, enviously lashing out against those who have a future.

(“But don’t worry… it will be all over soon,” whispers the smiling snake.)

The European supremacy I refer to was the real deal, back when 80% of the world colonized by a Europe who had total overwhelming superiority in every field… which the Europeans choose to attribute to their bloodlines, instead of the favour of God.

If the Europeans remained loyal to Christ, and strove to be evermore obedient to Him and His LawWord, they would have largely kept their lead over all the tribes of Man. But they chose to heed the Darwinian call to idolatry, to despise the Law and to worship themselves, their nations, their races…

…and so their house is left to them, in ruins.

Christian Americans — White, Black, Hispanic, even Asian — would be wise to learn from the death of Europe. Their destiny need not be yours… if you turn away from nationalist & racial idolatry of every stripe, Black or White or Chicano or Asian.

America! Choose to repent, and live!

Towering, Tottering Enemies

The system of secular humanism in the United States today is collapsing under its own weight. One hundred years ago it was young, vibrant, resourceful, optimistic in its assault against traditional Christianity. Today it rather resembles the last days of the Roman Empire; or the last days of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe.

The old hope is gone: there is only the need to hold onto power and so escape punishment in this world, until the Master Class dies, childless and sterile.

I am bolding certain sections of the following quote.

In terms of human resources, secular humanism in America is bleeding to death from a thousand cuts. In the last decades it has been systematically destroying its own social base by encouraging the murder of its own unborn. Those that made it through, it sent to its own government schools that made sure the future liberal humanist leaders of America have no critical thinking skills, no reasoning skills, and no initiative or creativity whatsoever. Predictably, while politically the Left commands a significant army of voters, there aren’t too many reliable leaders available. Obama’s failure to “keep the magic” of attracting the voters is only representative of a larger problem among America’s secular humanist elite: Secular humanism, when developed to its logical end, cannot produce cultural leadership.

No future is left for the wicked… except the future of the flames.

We as Christians think of the liberal establishment in this country as all-powerful people with unlimited resources and a perfect plan to push their agenda. They are not. They are a weak, limited, and confused bunch who are dismayed by the failure of their plans despite the billions of dollars thrown to put those plans to work. They know their time is limited, and they don’t know what to do. “Hopelessness” is the best word to describe the current state of secular humanism in America.

Our Masters struggle to kill the future.

They managed to kill many innocents, and destroy innocent minds and souls… but the future is coming anyways.

Their system is running out of political power, out of money, out of promises and hope for the future, and out of human resources. No matter what and who stands against it, it will collapse very soon. It can’t produce an ideology that would rejuvenate it anymore. It can’t produce the “world leader,” the Antichrist that Christian dispensationalists are waiting for. It is doomed. Communism collapsed without any attack from outside or inside. Secular humanism in America is about to do so, in this generation.

The power of the God of Hosts will accomplish this. I will be the worthless servant who will watch it happen.

I am confident that Marinov will praise and celebrate the coming victory of Christ — in time, and on earth. I hope to do so too!

When the Roman Empire collapsed, it wasn’t the strength of Christians, and it wasn’t the moral courage of the voters that brought it down. When Communism collapsed, it wasn’t because of the strength of its human enemies. It was God Who fought against both Rome and Communism. God has been fighting against secular humanism even while the church was still buying Left Behind by the millions. God has been defunding secular humanism’s agenda while the church was still debating whether economics is a legitimate part of our Christian message. God has been undermining their political power, and God has been dumbing down their leaders and followers while Christian parents were taking their children to the government schools. God has been in the business of fighting the world when we were in the business of withdrawing from the world.

Economic, demographic, and narrowcasting media (yay, Internet!) will all have a greater hand in destroying the Establishment than any number of fearful pastors and their irrelevant sermons.

It is the baseball bat of Reality, smashing delusional, willful, rebellious Fantasies, that gets the job done.

And we all know Who is welding that baseball bat…

Why is your apparel red,
and your garments like his who treads in the winepress?“
“I have trodden the winepress alone,
and from the peoples no one was with me;
I trod them in my anger
and trampled them in my wrath;
their lifeblood spattered on my garments,
and stained all my apparel.
For the day of vengeance was in my heart,
and my year of redemption had come.
I looked, but there was no one to help;
I was appalled, but there was no one to uphold;
so my own arm brought me salvation,
and my wrath upheld me.
I trampled down the peoples in my anger;
I made them drunk in my wrath,
and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth.”

— Isaiah 63:2-6, English Standard Version (ESV)

Back to Marinov:

And that’s the basis for my optimism. Not by the might of the churches, nor by the power of the voters. I have seen God work in history, and I will see Him work again, one more time. History – not the end of history – is His battlefield. He doesn’t need us, and He doesn’t need American voters to destroy the humanist system that raises its head against Him. He has those for breakfast. He fights them by making them achieve perfection on the basis of their own ideals. When an anti-Christian system achieves such perfection, it is ripe for collapse. And then He just pushes it.

A new beginning is coming.

A new beginning… for the friends of Christ, who live to expand His Kingdom, in time and on earth.

(And, I hope, even beyond the bonds of this world, God willing!)

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