When Was Western Civilization Lost?

From Marinov:

Let me tell you when Western civilization was lost. (Hint: it is not in the burning of Notre Dame, and it was not done by Muslims or other immigrants.)

It was lost when abortion was legalized.

It was lost when the first government-paid police was created.

When governments assumed the power to draft young men to war without the consent of their fathers and mothers.

When governments assumed the power to close borders and impose a system of bureaucratic permits and obstacles for non-criminal individuals. (In Christendom, the immigration and visa system of the Ottoman Empire and Persia, and the closed borders of China and Japan, were considered evidence of the barbarism of the pagan cultures.)

When the judicial precedence of the weaker was destroyed. (Under the laws of Christendom, a woman, a child, or an elderly person who killed a man, automatically plead self-defense and were free of liability. Abusers, rapists, and robbers would think twice. As well as modern cops.)

When governments assumed the power of universal taxation and confiscation of private property.

When governments assumed the power to decide what is money and what is not money, and manipulate the “money” they have imposed by fiat.

When inheritance tax was introduced.

When governments entered the business of adoption for money.

When governments entered the business of educating children.

When courts started defending and enforcing the government’s executive regulations instead of sticking to matters of REAL justice.

When substances were made “illegal” or regulated by the government.

When all professions (doctors, lawyers, engineers, stock brokers, etc.) were forced to get government licenses to do business.

When the FBI, the CIA, the DHS, the NSA, the TSA, etc. agencies were created and granted executive powers.

Etc., etc., etc. The list is long.

Not a single one of these was done by a Muslim or by an immigrant. It was all done by Westerners, the vast majority of them members in good standing of their respective congregations, and respected figures in their communities.

All these lamenters who see it in the burning of Notre Dame, are hypocritical. If you show them the above list and ask them if they wanted to return to the REAL Western civilization, they would object to at least a few of the points. It is not the Western civilization they want, but their own political mythology.

The Western civilization is – or was – a JUDICIAL phenomenon, a civilization based on a certain JUDICIAL understanding of the place, function, and role of God and the free individual against institutions and against the powerful of the day. When that concept of justice was lost, the civilization was lost. And it had nothing to do with a particular building, or with Muslims and other foreigners.

We need the Law back.

More importantly, God demands a return to thre Law… and it is going to happen.

It will happen regardless of what happens to the West.

It can burn and die, just as it pleases: but the survival of a particular people, a particular culture, isn’t nearly as important as the establishment of justice, righteousness, and the rule of law.

And if the Muslims end up being less evil than the Secular West, refusing to tear their children apart or claim that God does not exist, then it is right and just that Muslims inherit the land… and God’s more consistent and hateful enemies, the European Secularists, be disinherited.

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