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Evil Judges for Evil Cultures

From Quora: Are things actually bad in Venezuela or is that capitalist propaganda?

Allen Lobo, Corporate finance executive, former physician & scientist

What I am about to tell you will blow your mind away or at least it ought to. And believe me, I don’t say that as hyperbole or just to shock for effect.

I shall not comment on the situation on the street in Venezuela because I don’t live there and its citizens would do a much better job on that account.

No, instead what I’d like to do is make people aware of just one little known but shocking fact that ought to speak for what unbelievable level of dystopia this former wealthiest nation in Latin America and her unfortunate citizens have become subject to.

This respectable looking gentleman is Maikel Moreno.

He is the chief of the highest court of justice in the nation of Venezuela (The Supreme Tribunal of Justice). A very dignified look in that official garment.

He is also a convicted killer who served time in prison for one murder and then was charged with yet another one.

Okay, let me repeat that once again.

The highest judge in the land is a convicted MURDERER.

Not merely corrupt. Not even a thief, trafficker, crook or fraud. A convicted killer.

Did that sink in and has it exploded yet?

Because to be honest, I couldn’t even wrap my head around it the first time a Colombian friend told me of it. This is no ‘capitalist propaganda’. It’s a fact you can go look up, no matter what your political leanings may be. I thought this must be some kind of joke because it reads like a Tarantinoesque dark humor parody. Really, it does.

That surely you have corrupt judges, maybe even ones mixed up in crime, but for a man to actually have killed people, served time and then sit in judgment at thehighest judicial chair in the nation no less?

Can you imagine a worse case of irony than that?

Just what kind of sick joke is this?

I could tell you more about how he serves as nothing more than a hatchet man for Maduro and the Chavistas and how he has completely subverted the legal process, trashed the legislature and made Nicolas Maduro de facto dictator of Venezuela.

But what’s the use at that point? Because frankly is there anything I could tell you that would shock you any more than the above?

Maikel Moreno – Wikipedia

Opinion | Beware Maikel Moreno, the hatchet man who runs Venezuela’s supreme court

Liberals don’t really care, so long as the Official Political Line is towed.

But God expects more of Christian men, and Christian societies.

As for the repulsive pietists who insists that Christianity has no place in government… or that we can’t impose moral — as in, explicitly Christian requirements — on our officials?

Such protectors of evil should have no say, whatsoever, in Christian conversations of law, governance, and justice.

The God of the Bible is a God of Justice, and has no time for corrupt and wicked judges.

And so, it follows that the government is to reflect God’s status and God’s LawCode, in all Christian societies.

And our duty as Christians is to create more Christian societies, and insure the increasing obedience of these Christian societies.

Not just in our own lives, in our families, in our churches and neighbourhoods and businesses. But in our political institutions, as well.

Anything else than the expansion of the Kingdom of God in all areas of life leaves the door open to murders, thieves, and liars to dominate our society and oppress the innocent, and to crush God’s people.

Those who hate God’s law side with Satan and the oppressors that he uses as patsies.

God’s people are to side against Satan, against injustice, and against the enemies of Christ.

And if the Right Sort, the Power Elite, hates God’s People, and works only to silence His Word, to drive it underground and into museums and unread books?

Well, that’s just more demonic, delusional empire to be smashed into smithereens by God’s fist.


If you want see justice in the real world, then you need to know what you are fighting for:

God gets to win.

Satan gets to lose.

God’s people gets to win.

Satan’s people get to lose.

In time and on earth, as well as eternally.

So then: to deep thought, passionate prayer … and effective action!

For Christ, and HIS dominance, HIS victory, over ALL.

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