“Mingi”: A Lie that must End

I was contacted by SeekHim to spread the word about an ugly practice of some Ethiopians, tagging certain children “mingi” and either abandoning them to die or murdering them.

From her post on the subject:

Among some tribes in the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia certain children are considered Mingi (Impure, Ritually polluted)

Reasons for being declared Mingi are:
Being born out of wedlock.
Being the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
Being born a twin.
Being born with a cleft lip or palate.
Being born with some sort of deformity or imperfection.
Having one’s genitals injured in some way.
Having ones teeth develop in the upper jaw before the lower jaw.
Chipping a tooth during childhood.

Children declared Mingi are considered cursed by the spirits.

It is believed that if allowed to live a Mingi child will bring misfortune to the community.

Children declared Mingi are either abandoned to die or killed outright.

Mingi children are either drowned, starved, or, in the case of infants, have dirt stuffed in their mouths so that they choke to death.

Please, please pray that this evil practice stop!

Pray, yes.

But if the Holy Spirit moves you to act more directly — with money or time — you should.

God hates the murder of the innocent — in the womb or out, an infant or an elder — and His People must act to end such vicious injustices.

The murder of the innocent is not to be allowed here in the United States… and it is not to be permitted in Ethiopia, either.

God owns the world, and the world is to Obey His Law!

All of the above info [on Mingi] comes from the following links




Christianity Today

Ethiopian Review

You tube

Drawn from Water

Omo Child Movie

No Greater Love by Levi Benkert

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