A Model to Imitate: Kirby Dick

Kirby Dick is a man who is serious about fighting the Establishment. While certainly liberal (and thus, I would assume, not a Christian), his video truth-telling is far more of what Christian cinema should be, rather than the harmless, powerless, irrelevant pap it actually is.

I will skip over his initial work — Private Practices: The Story of a Sex Surrogate (1986), and Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (1997). It’s the standard “sexual transgressive fare” that liberals start out in, and normally stay in.

His next film, Chain Camera (2001), was made entirely with footage shot on consumer digital video cameras by students at John Marshall High School, located near Dick’s home in Los Angeles.

Wikipedia: Kirby Dick

Yes, more hormones. But things start to get interesting, as the students themselves are doing the filming and the talking. I prefer my truth as unfiltered as possible: and without adults framing the narrative, we can at least see how the students at the time — 18 years ago — saw life, with a good degree of honesty.

(Things are different now: more ideologically liberal, less actual sexual activity, a far deeper involvement in social media, school shooting drills, and an even more pathetic, watered-down education. I am not sure about the drug scene: probably the same as ever.)

Dick followed up this project with Derrida (2002), which he co-directed with Amy Ziering. The film explores the life and work of French philosopher Jacques Derrida while questioning the limitations of biography.

Wikipedia: Kirby Dick

Ah, Derrida the Deconstructionist. A true liberal hero.

Derrida also focuses on Derrida’s thesis that scholars tend to ignore important biographical information when discussing philosophers’ lives.[1] In one scene, Derrida comments that he would be most interested in hearing about famous philosophers’ sex lives because this topic is seldom addressed in their writings. The filmmakers respond to many of these criticisms by probing Derrida on various aspects of his own personal life, though he usually refuses to answer directly questions about himself.

Wikipedia: Derrida (film)

Liberals love their sexual pleasure (and their pure hypocrisy). They spent quite a lot of time — at least since the Enlightenment — and energy to legitimize it publicly, with the Completely Unexpected result of the extinction/exhaustion of their culture.

“Well, at least Christian Europe has been disposed of.”
*satisfied Establishment smile*

I remain exceedingly angry at the wanton cultural destruction of families (from easy divorce onwards), children (abortion and transexualism, where a boy’s penis is ripped to shreds to satisfy The Narrative), and open contempt for God and His Law. But of course, this contempt was condoned by the church leadership: a church that fights has a far different effect than a church that crawls, which is where we are today.

The film also follows Derrida during a trip to South Africa where he visits Nelson Mandela‘s former prison cell and discusses forgiveness with university students. Derrida states that his own childhood experiences with anti-Semitism have heightened his sensitivity to racial issues.

Liberal piety, yes. But there is real racial sin & injustice involved here… evil cheerfully condoned by the Calvinist church that dominated South Africa, once upon a time.

I wonder what God’s judgement will be on today’s Western churches, that also cheerfully condones (or refuses to condemn, which condones by silence) various forms of today’s Establishment-backed evil.

“But we will never lose power, so His judgement will never arrive!”
*Establishment Man speaks*

Dick’s next project, Twist of Faith (2005), followed a man who decides to speak out about his childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. Released during the midst of the Catholic sex abuse scandal, the film garnered widespread attention and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.[3][4]

Wikipedia: Kirby Dick

Dick’s first film on the abuse of power: and, rightfully, it starts at the church.

Dick’s 2009 film, Outrage, discusses supposedly closeted politicians, predominantly Republican, who vote against gay rights. The film also criticizes the mainstream media’s reluctance to report on this subject.

Wikipedia: Kirby Dick

Hypocrisy among politicians: An outrage?


I am far more angry regarding hypocrisy among the clergy: enough so, as to despise the seminary (“So evil, so corrupted, so worthless in raising up men to expand Christ’s Kingdom!”) in favour of

  • the infilling of the Holy Spirit (mandatory!)
  • The Biblical requirements as noted in I Timothy (mandatory!)
  • the apprentice system (the system that Christians in the Bible actually follow!)
  • sound Bible knowledge and good Christian doctrine (see Calvin’s Deuteronomy as a sterling example – better than his Institutes!)
  • a desire to see Christ’s Kingdom cover the world, and shape all things to conform to the will of Jesus Christ,
  • and, preferably, a good grasp of Greek and Hebrew (as provided by many computer programs and online courses)
    • good Hebrew is not nearly as important as humility before God and His Word; obedience to God; a self-sacrificial love for God, men, and creation; and an active desire to bless all humanity as a good, willing tool of Christ

In 2012, Dick directed The Invisible War, which examined the epidemic of rape in the U.S. military. The film was heralded for exposing a culture of sexual abuse at Marine Barracks Washington.[8] Several government officials have commented on the film’s influence on policy, including Secretary of DefenseLeon Panetta, who has stated that viewing the film convinced him to implement a wave of reforms designed to reduce the prevalence of military sexual assault.[9]

Wikipedia: Kirby Dick

Dick did good work here: but there needs to be a follow-up.

Personally, I would disband the standing tax-funded military, as sound Biblical doctrine teaches. Even the police force is a statist innovation of London during the Imperial era (and slave-catching thugs during slavery).

In 2015, The Hunting Ground premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Written and Directed by Dick and produced by Amy Ziering, the film is a documentary about the incidence of sexual assault on college campuses in the United States and the failed response of college administrators.

Wikipedia: Kirby Dick

The academic system per see was designed by the Greeks as a hunting ground, for the teachers to satisfy their appetites with eager young men.

“Now accepting nubile young women!”
*growing Establishment grin*

They really should be abolished… and they will be, thanks to superior and cheaper forms of higher education.

Kirby Dick, liberal, has done more to directly bring down this repulsive mix of power and perversion than 99.5% of Christians ever will.

(This includes the simple act of refusing to send their kids to that well-spoken Sodom: a step most Christians refuse to take, point blank.)

“The power-elite demands that we send our children to that moral cesspool.
And we MUST please the Establishment, rather than God!”

*The Establishment approves, and shows its appreciation
by directly spitting in the face of Christian parents
with a satisfied smile*

The Bleeding Edge premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews and received further critical acclaim after its worldwide release on Netflix on July 27, 2018.[citation needed] Currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes[23] and named the New York Times’ Critic’s Pick of the Week,[24] the documentary, written and directed by Dick and produced by Amy Ziering and Amy Herdy, is a deep dive exploration on the $400 billion medical device industry[25] where the filmmakers find shockingly lax regulations, corporate cover-ups and profit-driven incentives that put patients at risk daily.[26]

The impact of the film was felt immediately as a week before its release, The Bleeding Edge became a part of a national news story when Bayer removed the birth control device Essure from the U.S. market, one of the many devices heavily criticized and warned about in the doc.[27] Entertainment Weekly promptly added it on their list of documentaries that have changed the world.[28]

Wikipedia: Kirby Dick

I don’t believe in most state regulations, as I don’t believe in a beneficent State that loves to protect the people. In contrast, I do believe in a power-elite that loves to pile on regulatory burdens on small competitors, to better protect the Big Boys.

But even so, some safety regulations are mandated in the Bible — complete with capital punishment for violation. See Exodus 21:33–34 and Deuteronomy 22:8, as well as the discussion in North’s Christian Economics: Teacher’s Edition Chapter 32: Regulation.

Mosaic – read, Christian – Law focuses on punishing people for doing harm to others, and not on controlling behaviour “for the good of the People.”

This broad level of liberty and justice — and the natural result of a limited and restricted State — is just one more reason for the power-adoring Establishment to despise the Christian faith, with every fiber of its being.

Now, if Christians would finally get as serious and as capable about publicly promoting God’s vision of justice as Kirby Dick is, even with all his flaws!

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