How Quickly Nations Fall

From the lay Catholic Crisis site:

That which is commonly referred to nowadays as oral or anal “sex” would more properly be designated “sodomy.” Hence it is no surprise that many “heterosexuals” are sympathetic to “homosexuals” and “gay marriage,” for they are seeking sensual gratification through the same practices as same-sex couples: physical actions that are not properly sexual at all, but rather perversions of sexual desire and the sexual faculties. “Sex” in its primary meaning is precisely the division between male and female, and sexual intercourse requires the conjunction of the complementary male and female organs in an act that is, in its final intention, procreative. “Male and female He created them…” (Gen. 1:27, Matt. 19:4, and numerous other New Testament references). This is why sex is not one of the core values of secular progressivism: “sex” in its proper meaning has been displaced by “gender” and applied instead to behavior that is either a substitute for the real thing or to sexual intercourse frustrated by the use of contraception.

For a perspective on the extent and rapidity of this moral revolution, consider an episode in The Manticore (1972) by the esteemed Canadian novelist Robertson Davies (1913-1995).  The central character is an attorney defending a poor farmer’s wife who has murdered her husband with a shotgun. There is no question of the woman’s guilt, but the attorney secures a lenient sentence for her by explaining that she was provoked by the man’s repeatedly bullying her into submitting to fellatio—what nowadays we daintily call “oral sex.” It is clear that judge and jury are horrified not only by the element of coercion, but also by the act itself, as the attorney describes it: “A gross indignity exacted by force; a perversion for which some American states exacted severe penalties; a grim servitude no woman with a spark of self-respect could be expected to endure without cracking.”

This episode of the novel is set in the 1950s, and it provides a realistic portrayal of the mores and attitudes of ordinary men and women in the Western world during that era—a time within living memory. To be sure, they were tempted and succumbed to the same sins as we commit now, but the sins were regarded as sins and considered shameful. Today, such behavior is considered routine and, indeed, to be engaged in with casual strangers so long as both parties agree. “Consent” is the talisman that currently validates any conduct whatsoever. And, truth be told, most of us—unlike Robertson Davies’s mid-twentieth-century judge and jury—are not shocked or even much surprised. Nor should we be. This is the way fallen men and women naturally behave when they have rejected grace, and society has discarded every vestige of Christian teaching. What this tells us is that our contemporary society has regressed to the state of the Ephesians before their conversion, as St. Paul reminds them: “Remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world” (Eph. 2:12).

Having no hope and without God in the world. Such is Gomorrah; such is the world we inhabit.  Although we must not be part of that world, we have no choice not to be within it. The observance of Lent and of Our Lord’s passion and death ought to remind us that this is the world for which he suffered. We must never be sanctimonious, remembering always that we, too, are sinners; we may nonetheless exult that merely by always affirming the truth—with humility, patience, and charity—whenever it is challenged, and living as faithful Christians with the help of God’s grace, we are joining Our Lord in his work of salvation. We cannot physically flee Gomorrah, but we can participate in the work of transforming it by our witness and our lives.

Darkness Descends upon Gomorrah, by R.V. Young

Nations and cultures can die really fast, when Christians get bought off, lose a Godly faith in victory, or become badly corrupted and perverse.

The writer is a standard amillennial Catholic, so he thinks that we are forever in the Last Times, the generation of judgement. That the good guys will always and forever lose, and the bad guys will always and forever win, in time and on earth.

(Except at the very last moment, when God will step in to replace His incompetent servants, and directly bring down the power of Satan and Satan’s mighty and fearsome representatives.)

I wonder when he will realize that Jesus was serious about “this generation” and the Biblical prophetic/poetic language He used… with the end of His generation seeing the fall of the Temple, the stoning of the adulterous Israel, and the rise of the Church heralding a New Heaven and a New Earth, a New Covenant.

Christ’s Kingdom is HERE, NOW.

Time to get to work in expanding it, just as Jesus commanded us to.

Gary North spells out the pathetic implications of amillennialism’s insipid, faithless defeatism in many places, including (all public links):

And Marinov has spoken out directly on the dying perverts that Christians have placed as their cultural head, replacing Jesus Christ (!!) as their Master and Law-Giver, worthy of fear and reverence:

So what does this mean?

It means that Christians had better get ready, now, to step in when the dying sodomite/abortionist cultures dies.

“Surprise twist! Culture that kills its future
and places pleasure and death over holiness and life… dies!

The meek before God — and NOT the meek before Powerful and Wealthy Men — gets to inherit the earth.

We need to understand how to obey God, in public and in private, in order to handle drastically increased responsibilities when the dying culture dies.

The good servant, given talents by God, used his talents well to expand the Kingdom in time and on earth, in his live and in his society, and so receives a blessing and a fine reward from His Master.

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