Fleeing Sodom

The Delusions of the Dying, Sterile West

Having no hope and without God in the world. Such is Gomorrah; such is the world we inhabit.  Although we must not be part of that world, we have no choice not to be within it. The observance of Lent and of Our Lord’s passion and death ought to remind us that this is the world for which he suffered. We must never be sanctimonious, remembering always that we, too, are sinners; we may nonetheless exult that merely by always affirming the truth—with humility, patience, and charity—whenever it is challenged, and living as faithful Christians with the help of God’s grace, we are joining Our Lord in his work of salvation. We cannot physically flee Gomorrah, but we can participate in the work of transforming it by our witness and our lives.

Darkness Descends upon Gomorrah, by R.V. Young

“We cannot physically flee Gomorrah…”

Gomorrah is tied to a specific set of sins, as the article mentions:

Indeed, the polity of Gomorrah seems founded on the establishment of all four of the sins crying out to heaven for vengeance: the shedding of innocent blood (Gen. 4:10), the sin of Sodom (Gen. 18:20-21), the oppression of the poor (Ex. 2:23), and defrauding the workman of his just wages (James 5:4).

Relatively few nations are formally tied to/officially back the sin of Sodom. While many love abortion — the shedding of innocent blood — many don’t.

Westerners can choose to fight the growing totalitarian PC culture, and restore the Rule of Law — that is, Biblical Law, the only actual code that’s worth the dignity of the term Law:

The states that are the foremost bearers of Western civilization are increasing their use of force in moral matters that traditionally, rationally and morally are and should be beyond any state’s powers. By doing this, Western states are becoming more totalitarian. The results are horrifying, horrendous and shocking. The leaders of Western civilization are destroying Western civilization.

These new and enhanced intrusions are actually part of a deeper longstanding trend of greater state initiation of force. That major trend includes both major parties in America. It’s manifested in domestic socialist legislation and in foreign aggression, such as in the attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The newer cultural, personal, family, religious and moral intrusions are becoming more and more noticeable and outrageous. They are profoundly stupid and destructive, but they are ongoing nonetheless. The tide against them has not turned yet.

British Columbia in Canada has a Family Law Act that empowers the court to intrude in a family in order to “protect the safety and security of the at-risk family member…” The law allows the court to assess risks very broadly in order to effect such protection.

This might be reasonable if a father were threatening his daughter with a knife or pistol, but what if the father insists on calling his daughter “she” rather than the pronoun “he” that the girl prefers? What if the father tries to persuade “Maxine” to abandon the hormone treatments she thinks will make her “Max”? What if the father gives interviews in which he refers to her as Maxine and argues against the ill-effects of ingesting gender-related hormones? What if the court decides that all of these actions place Maxine at “a significant risk of harm”?

These what-ifs (not the knife or pistol) have happened in neighboring British Columbia. Its Supreme Court has decided that using pronouns, using persuasion, providing information and speaking to media make a father guilty under this law. The court has muzzled him. (See here and here).

The trend in Western law is to turn personal matters, personal moral matters, non-violent matters, emotional matters (like purported hate), non-physical matters and communications matters into supposed crimes with perpetrators and victims. This is similar to jihadists thinking that a Christian church doing them no harm is an enemy, or a cartoonist making fun of their God is an enemy, and that they have a right to kill in order to stop such “insults” and “invasions”. This is similar to students rioting against particular speakers on campus because they consider their words “violent” or “insulting”. This is similar to laws that intrude upon labor relations and laws that demand hiring and promotion be along racial or sexual lines. This is similar to laws against hate speech. This is similar to laws and practices that demand diversity, meaning preferences of one sort or another and disregard of standards and qualifications that matter for job performance.

British Columbia Supreme Court Muzzles Father on Gender of Daughter
by Michael S. Rozeff

A Different Battlefield, Among a Different People

It is honourable and right, to fight for Christian civilization, Christian liberty, Christian law, right where you live.

But if it seems too difficult, too daunting, to fight in the Dying, Deluded West, there is no shame in fleeing Sodom, to fight for Christ in a different culture or situation where your money, education, and personality gives you more leverage in crushing the serpents head and strengthening the local brethren.

There will be real hurdles, language and culture, that you will have to face.

And know that the Enemy is there too, wherever you are in this sinful, blighted world.

Perhaps the demonic activity in unofficial sodomy, or widespread child molestation; or in killing innocent people in the street, instead of in hospitals and clinics. Perhaps the hatred of God is rooted in the blatherings of a false prophet, or a murderous economist, or blatant witchcraft, or just in pure xenophobia. Maybe the local economy is rooted in widespread theft and fraud of the weak, on behalf of the strong.

But precisely because you are a foreigner, means that you can make an unexpected impact on a new battlefield, kick the enemy off-balance, deliver an unexpected victory for Christ and His followers!

And Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.”

Mark 6:4

Perhaps you should be that prophet, that businessman, that healer, that preacher, that warrior, a tool for Christ’s victory in a new culture and land, instead of moaning and griping ineffectively in a visibly rotting, damned culture that has been handed over to Satan for destruction.

It’s worth considering.

Certainly, if you let your gifts rot away due to mere fear, God will demand an account for it.

If you can’t work to expand the Kingdom in a Sterile Sodom, slated for destruction, then expand Christ’s Kingdom elsewhere.


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