Attracting God’s Judgement

Kinism is an evil of which I have been aware for approximately 15 years. Since it is a form of baptised racism, I was under the impression that certainly nobody I knew or respected was, or permitted themselves to remain on friendly terms with, anyone who held this abhorrent view. All that changed a year ago when I learned that a missionary I had until then held in high regard, Peter Hammond, was in fact a kinist, who preaches against interracial marriage and has appeared on neo-Nazi podcasts voicing hatred of Jews and support of Adolf Hitler.


I only found out after Hammond was invited to speak at a Christian Reconstructionist conference last year. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to fellow recons Joel McDurmon, John Andrew Reasnor, and Allen and Elizabeth Sacks for their efforts to make this information public and to provide principled opposition and rebuke where needed, as well as to the many others who joined them in disavowing this contemptible doctrine, including Bojidar Marinov, Stephen C. Perks and the good folks at Reconstructionist Radio. Nevertheless, despite repeated calls to repentance by the aforementioned, the conference went ahead with some prominent recons sharing the podium with Hammond. While at least some of these men have spoken against kinism in the past, I am concerned that their actions display a conviction that racism is no big deal and can be safely tolerated in the church.

This revealed to me the true extent to which racism is embedded in Reconstructionist and broader Reformed circles and has been allowed a place to grow and hide here. Allow me to make it very clear that this is something I regard as a grief, an evil, a scandal, and something that WILL attract God’s judgement if we fail to address it.

Suzannah Rowntree

The Western World has already been handed over to Satan, the grave, and the fire.

No need for Christian Reconstructionists to join in the pain and the agony, all in the name of Pride and Tribe.

We must repent, and live!

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