Power-worship, Female Style

I was reading a good article on sacrifice – Did Endgame Finally Do Black Widow Justice? – when I came across this bit:

The antithesis to exploitation is not a reversal of that exploitation; it’s agency. It’s consent. It’s a freely chosen self-sacrifice. When Gamora was sacrificed, she was dragged to the edge and thrown over. Where Gamora had no agency and no choice, Natasha did. And that is why when Gamora’s death strikes us as a horrible injustice, Natasha’s plays as a moment of transcendent heroism.

By contrast, it’s disturbing how The Atlantic describes the female characters it approves of: “Valkyrie and Okoye and Shuri and Hela, women who were warriors, prodigies, death incarnate.”

Hela? Seriously? The woman who lost her right to rule Asgard because she was an imperialistic genocidal maniac? This is your idea of a strong female character?

This, right here, is the problem: an equation of human dignity and worth with, of all things, violence and destruction. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to fight, legally or physically, against an abusive father figure like Thanos. We cheered on Nebula and Gamora every step of the way as they worked to destroy him. On the other hand, we loved seeing Pepper step into battle beside Tony in Endgame, but is anyone seriously going to argue that the woman who calmly carried out a nerve-racking and dangerous act of corporate espionage in the very first Iron Man has all along been less of a person because she didn’t blow things up? Is it really pro-woman to predicate human value on who’s the strongest, the smartest, or the deadliest person in the room? Because that seems like a recipe for–well, more exploitation.

So, men aren’t the only ones who are willing to worship power for the sake of power.

I understand a bit more why abortion – the ability to kill – is a sacrament to the feminist.

And I am left waiting for men to walk away from power-worship.

The God-fearing women of the Monstrous Regiment have demonstrated their willingness to walk away from the lying game, the killing joke. But God-fearing men must join them.

Godly men definitely have the money, have the wealth, have the networks to change the state of play, even today. If they act with the Holy Spirit, with courage, and with the women who can see and do what men can’t.

Jesus leads the way, by example and by word. Who will follow?

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