Jews Abandoning the University

After checking out the article Get Out…

Get Out: American universities have become whirlpools of downward mobility that target the people and the ideas that they once cherished and protected. It’s time for Jews to stop paying for them. By Liel Leibovitz

I feel more confident that the university is going to crater, and sooner rather than later.

This is a Good Thing: the university was always an innately pagan institution, all about providing accreditation for government positions. And for professors to ogle young men (in the Classical era: only recently has that professorial lust expanded to include women.)

The article spelled out quite a number of useful alternatives for the university: but the key is that the American university is now intensely hostile to Jews.

Let me first point out that it is quite hostile to Christians, as well.

Then, I’ll point out that the modern university has no belief in objective truth, a pointed hatred to God above, and a total commitment to delusional and unreal ideological visions.

I believe that it will take about a generation — as in 40 years — before the entire academic structure is abandoned in ruins, without even the right to license government bureaucrats.

That will be transferred to other institutions: or, more likely, to social networks and proven loyalty to various political honchos.

Outside of political positions? Back to the apprenticeship, or proficiency tests, or who-you-know networking.

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