Politics Fourth… Again

As North points out: whenever a Republican President is in the big chair, the Republican radicals are ignored. And whenever a Democratic President is in charge, the Democratic radicals are brushed aside.

Christian Reconstructionists are radicals – peaceful radicals, but radicals nevertheless.

(Radical: Origin of radical: “1350–1400; Middle English < Late Latin rādīcālis “having roots”. See Axe to the Root for details.)

Therefore, there is no possibility that any single point of the Reconstructionist agenda will be put into place by the Oval Office until the broad, general society has already been persuaded of that Reconstructionist point.

So, politics — especially national politics — will have to wait for a long time. Local politics – town and county level – is more accessible, but even the dogcatcher positions are to be put on the backburner, by and large.

Reconstructing your own life first, then your family, church, and job/business, comes far before politics.

For more, check out North’s Christian Economics books. But note that you need to put in the time to master the Student and Teacher’s Editions before finally gaining the competence for the Activist Edition.

(And, even here at the peak, you are STILL probably going to get a bigger real-life bang as a good husband and father, or as businessman, or a teacher & preacher, than you will get in local politics!

Good, godly service NOW.

Dreams of power and control? Forgettaboutit!

And, if you go get a high position — due to good service to others — don’t forget:

more authority =>
more responsibility =>
harsher judgements for failure from God’s Throne.
(and/or the customer, in the world of business.)

There are real, excellent rewards for success: but the rewards accrue more to the people you serve, than to you yourself.

It is honourable to pursue justly earned profits, to live well: but you had better be rich towards God, and have a real care to the weak, to the widow and the orphan!


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